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Swags are colorful additions to Christmas decorations and are available in different patterns and designs. Learn how to make beautiful Christmas swags in this article.

Christmas Swag Crafts

Swags are indispensible parts of any Christmas decorations and are a must if you want to add a cheerful touch anywhere in your house. There are innumerable patterns of Christmas swags ranging from the traditional evergreen ones to the more elaborate and intricate patterns. They are exciting alternatives to the common Christmas wreaths and can be made from a variety of materials like dried leaves, flowers, cedar, pine, and holly. In fact, while crafting swags, there is no limit to which you can implement your creativity and imagination. What more, you can even personalize your Christmas swag by adding a splash of color using different flowers or by pasting different types of tinsels and sequins. Crafting your own swag can be great fun especially when all the members of the family get together for the purpose. This is the occasion when you can make up for all the lost time that you wanted to spend with your family but could not do so due to other compulsions. Given below in this article are ways by which you can some interesting and beautiful Christmas swags.

How To Make A Homemade Christmas Swag

Christmas Swag

Materials Required
  • Dried fir or eucalyptus leaves, dried flowers, floral wire
  • Place two branches of the dried eucalyptus or fir leaves on a working surface opposite to each other, one facing the right and the other towards the left.
  • The arrangement of the two branches should be such that the stems from both the sides should overlap in the middle. This has to be secured properly by using straps and floral wires. After tying, trim the straps and the wires and tuck ends cleanly into the stems.
  • The base of the swag being done, add dried flowers by using a hot glue gun and hot glue. Apply the gum on the back of each of the flowers and then press firmly to the leaves in order to attach them. As this technique involves the use of hot glue, young children should be monitored carefully during this stage.
  • The dried flowers can be added in any desired pattern and manner. You can even make use of artificial decorating sequins and glitters. A wide range of dry flowers are available to choose from. The commonly used ones are rose buds, delphinium, marigold, and lavender.
  • The final touch involves the use of a big and colorful bow to the front of the swag, which is also secured, by using the floral wires.
Floral Ficus Swag

Materials Required
  • Stems of varied sizes of a ficus plant
  •  Floral wires
  •  Floral tape
  • Pieces of maidenhair fern
  • Five yellow larkspur
  • Seven baby's breath
  • Four sprays of dahlia
  • Form the base of this swag by the branches or stems of a ficus plant. The two stems are overlapped and tied by using floral wires. A few pieces of maidenhair fern are laid on top of the one of the stems.
  • The flower stems can then be added on top of this greenery starting with the five stems of baby's breath and then proceeding with the five yellow larkspurs. After this, three sprays of dahlia are attached to the stems.
  • The above steps are then repeated by using smaller sized stems and only one maidenhair fern. This is followed by adding two pieces of baby's breath and one dahlia spray.
  • The two decorated stems are then arranged together in the form of swag and wrapped with floral wires. To give additional security, the stems are also wrapped by using a floral tape.
  • A red ribbon or a bow is then attached to the center of the swag by using a wire. You can also make a hanger for this swag using the same ribbon for your door.