World Of Christmas
Christmas candles are known as the symbol of Jesus. Read through a few varieties of Christmas candles crafting.

Christmas Candle Crafts

Christmas is the most anticipated festival for the year. Hunting a perfect gift for your family and friends, decorating the evergreen tree add lot of stress for the occasion. Apart from all that, Christmas lights add more meaning to the day. A Christmas candle is the first light, which signifies the illumination of darkness from one's life. Candle lighting is used as traditional symbol in various religions for different reasons. However, when you specify it to Christmas day the light is symbolized to heaven. Candles signify love, prayer, hope, and passion. The lighting of candles is also seen as ‘Christ's Light' by the people belonging to the Christian faith. You can find candles in attractive colors, sizes, shapes, and scents for the occasion. The candles are lit to remind everybody of the coming of Christ. Candles are also used to decorate the Christmas tree for the soft glow, and they never fail to charm anybody. It is very easy to create eye-catching candles. They add fun to your work while crafting the candles for the occasion. Gear up to make the day special by creating charming candles and adding beauty to the place. Below given are few easy to make Christmas candles.

Candle Crafts For Christmas

Candy Jar Candles
A playful glow is displayed by canning jars when it holds a white (or any color of your choice) taper candle nestled in holiday candy. For an extra charming presentation, keep a clear cellophane bag in the jar. Fill it with wrapped and unwrapped candles secured with a twist tie.

Egg Shell Candles
Use blown eggshells with a large hole at the tops. Rinse and dry the eggshells. Dye the eggshells (if desired) by dipping it in water and food coloring solution. Keep each prepared eggshell in an eggcup and fill it till ¼ of the top with any anchoring medium of your choice. The anchoring medium can be wax candle or colored wax sand to firmly hold a single birthday candle. Place a birthday candle in the middle so that it can be used as a wick to burn down.

Christmas Candles
Take a tissue paper and cut it into small squares. Now dip the squares with liquid starch and apply it to the exterior part of the jar (slightly overlapping the squares). Allow it to dry completely and then place a tea candle in the jar. When you lit the candle, the light will show through the colored tissue paper. For extra charming appearance, you can sprinkle glitter on the jar when the paper is still wet. You can also glue a ribbon/lace around the base of the jar and attach some small gold stars.

Christmas Candle Rings
Select a pine garland of your choice and wrap it around the base of the candle. Twist the wire and glue on some pinecones. The size of the pinecones will depend on the size of the ring you have prepared. You can use tiny pinecones for taper candles and a normal sized for a three-wick pillar candle. Now glue on three or four poinsettia flowers slightly facing upwards. You can also hang tiny glass balls and use all different colors of your choice. Make three clusters so that it adds charm to its appearance.