World Of Christmas
If there is a fun filled craftsman in you, enjoy your Christmas by calling the whole family and make your Christmas more entertaining. Learn to make easy crafts here.

Easy Christmas Crafts

Christmas calls for celebration, fun, merriment, and enjoyment. However, it also calls for shopping, decorations, planning and cooking! Gone are the days when you were kid and could enjoy the Christmas without thinking about the menu for the party. As grown-ups, the responsibility falls on our shoulder to make sure that every preparation for the Christmas go on smoothly and in the hustle-bustle of planning and preparation, we are not able to enjoy the Christmas vacations. After all the shopping for gifts, decorations and crafts, you wouldn't find the time to be able to spend with your family. The best way to find time and be able to enjoy the vacations is by staying at home and making some really easy crafts. Making these crafts will not only give you creative satisfaction but also a time to spend with your family. What more, you won't have to spend a bombshell on buying crafts items to decorate your home. It will also give a personalized touch to your home making it look more ‘Christmassy' .

Easy Crafts For Christmas

Snowman Hurricane Centerpiece
Glass hurricane globes are associated with the lambs they used to protect from winds. Here you are given the idea of making a hurricane globe in the form of a snowman.

Things You Need
  • A Hurricane Globe
  • Acrylic Enamel or Glass Paints white, grey, black, blue, orange, red
  • Sponge
  • Paint Brush
How To Make
  • Clean the Hurricane Globe using soap or vinegar and let it dry.
  • On a plate pour some grey paint and some white paint beside it. Take the sponge and dip it into the paint so that whole of the paint is absorbed by the sponge.
  • Dab the sponge gently on to the globe. Use more paint if needed.
  • Leave some places unpainted to let the light pass through.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely.
  • Once the globe is completely dry use your talents at the paint brush. Start painting the face on the globe. Make the outline of the eyes in black and paint the centre in blue. You can paint a carrot szhaped nose with a few wrinkles. Paint the mouth in black.
  • For that rosy cheeks, dab a little red paint on the cheeks of the Snowman.
Santa Broom

You can make a wonderful Santa broom the inexpensive way.

Things You Need:
  • Scraps of black and white felt
  • Two 3 inch brooms
  • 2 squares of red felt, plus a small red piece for the mouth
  • 1 large straw broom 1
  • 13-1/2" length of white fun fur
  • White acrylic paint
  • 1 medium tan pompom and 1 large white pompom
  • Printable Santa pattern pieces
How To Make
  • Paint the broom whisks white. Leave some parts without painting to look natural. Don't paint near the area where face is going to be. Start by painting the broom whisks white. Cut the broom handles off the tiny brooms, and paint white. This will make Santa's mustache.
  • Cut the face pieces from the felt on which the face patterns were already traced.
  • Take a full square of red felt and wrap it around the broom from the back to the front to make a hair. Glue this down.
  • Take a red felt piece and enough fur and glue it on the red felt taken. Making sure there are equal amounts of fun fur left hanging on each side.
  • Wrap the felt around from the front to the back of the felt that you have already glued in place, from the top. The edge with the fun fur will be the widest area, at the bottom, and the felt should narrow as it goes toward the top. Experiment with the felt and fur until you have a hat shape, and then glue it down.
  • Glue on the two tiny brooms for the mustache, then glue on the medium size pompom for the nose. A small red piece of felt can be made the mouth. Make eyes with black and white felt pieces.