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Felt Christmas tree craft is highly impressive and simple to make at home. Learn in this article, some tips to make felt Christmas tree craft.

Felt Christmas Tree Craft

As soon as we hear "Christmas", the image of a grandly decorated Christmas tree springs up before our eyes. Christmas tree is a popular tradition associated with Christmas and every house has at least one tree for the festival. Some people prefer having a living tree and decorating it whereas some others go for an artificial tree. Several legends are associated with the tradition of Christmas tree in the festival. One most accepted philosophy about the origin of Christmas tree is related to Saint Boniface. As per a popular version, Saint Boniface disrupted a pagan child sacrifice at an oak tree, flattening the oak with a blow of his fist. In the place of the oak a small fir originated, which Boniface interpreted as Lord Jesus Christ to the pagans.

The first artificial Christmas trees were developed in Germany in the 19th century. These were made out of the goose feathers which were dyed green. Gradually, the tradition of artificial Christmas tree grew and in a short span of time it was world-spread. Among them, the trees made of brush bristles, aluminum, and fiber optics gained large popularity. Today, felt-made Christmas trees are becoming a great favourite among the people. The main reason for its wide spread is that it is easy to make and conveniently available at any craft store. Felt-made Christmas tree have a glittering surface and when elaborated with jewels and stars, it gets a majestic look. We bring you some simple steps to make your own felt Christmas tree for this festival.

How To Make Homemade Felt Christmas Tree

Grand Christmas Tree

Materials Required
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Green and brown colored felt>
  • Crafts jewels in different colors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Golden and silver colored ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Thick Cardboard
  • 3 stems of red glittery chenille
  • 1 stem of red skinny chenille
  • 1 stem of white skinny chenille
  • Golden glue glitter
  • Popsickle stick
  • Hole punch
  • String
  • Apply glue on the interior side of the felt material. Place the Styrofoam cone on top of the glued felt. Roll the cone over it till the end of the cone. Take care that the entire part of the cone is covered and it looks like a green cone raised above the table.
  • Trim the excess felt but leave 1/2' overlap at the bottom of the cone. This will facilitate proper pasting of the felt to the cone.
  • Make slits in the felt overlap towards the bottom part of it. The slits are to be made at the gap of every couple of inches.
  • Now glue these overlapping flaps to the bottom of the cone. Glue it tightly so that they stay intact and without any curl.
  • Trace a stem template on a hard cardboard. Cut it out and glue brown felt on it. Paste it at the bottom of the Christmas tree to form the stem of the tree.
  • Now that your Christmas tree is ready, you need to decorate it. Proceed with the following steps to get a beautiful Tree this season.
  • Paste the red glittery chenille stems around the cone in the form of a garland. The contrasting color green of the cone and the red of chenille give an alluring look.
  • Curl together red and white skinny chenille stems. Cut into 1' length stems. Then bend the top of each stem to form a candy cane. Paste it to the garland on the tree.
  • You can get variety of craft jewels from any craft shop. Choose the best among them which goes well with your Christmas tree. Glue these jewels on to the tree in a specific pattern.
  • Paste the golden and silver colored ribbons on irregular patterns to make the tree completely rich with varied colors.
  • Now it is the turn to make star for the tree. Take 10 wooden craft popsickle stick and place them in a star shape on a flat surface.
  • Glue the stars together keeping the shape of the stars intact. Decorate the stick using golden glue glitter.
  • Make a small hole at the top of one of the stick and pass a string through the hole. This makes the hanger for the star. Hang the star at the top of the Christmas tree.
Small Christmas Tree
If you are planning to have smaller Christmas trees in your house placed over different places, consider the following tips. This is a very simple craft and kids can actively participate in it.

Materials Required
  • Green and Brown Felt
  • Black Marker
  • Colored buttons
  • Small craft jewels
  • Cotton
  • Scissor
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch
  • String
  • Take a green colored felt and fold it into two equal halve. Trace out a Christmas tree shape on one half of it using a black marker.
  • Using the scissor cut the tree out of the felt. You will get two trees simultaneously in one cut as the felt is folded. Take care that when you cut, the edges are sharp and clear.
  • Glue the two halves of the tree together leaving the bottom end free. Let it dry thoroughly. Now push some cotton into the tree through the open end. Do not put too much cotton inside the tree but only the appropriate quantity to make it swollen properly. Once the cotton is filled glue the open end of the tree
  • Trace the outline of the stem on a brown felt and cut it out exactly as you did with the green felt. Fill it with the cotton as above and glue it to the bottom of the tree to serve as its stem.
  • Glue some brightly colored buttons and small craft jewels on the outer surface of the tree. Allow it to dry properly.
  • Make a hole at the top of the tree and pass a string through the hole. You can hang it anywhere starting from the doors, windows and also from the main Christmas tree. You can also place it on your table since it has a stem to stand on.