World Of Christmas
Christmas is about decorations and fun all around. Here are some cheap and inexpensive decorations that you can do home.

Cheap Christmas Crafts

Christmas is the festival of joy and togetherness. It is all about decorating your homes and welcoming the glorious days of that festive season that you were waiting for long. But decorating your home is always tiring but all the more expensive as well. Why not try your hand at some simple pieces of decorations that are really cheap and hand done and make you happy. What else is a better way than to make a good decoration with whole of the family together? This not only encourages each other but also allows you to spend some quality time with each other. The end result is much fruitful as it is nothing but a stupendous piece of inexpensive craft that you can very well show off at your Christmas party. Given here are some inexpensive Christmas decorations that can be made at home without much effort without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Inexpensive Christmas Crafts

Santa Hat Ornament

Materials Needed
  • Cotton Balls or Fiber Fill
  • Red Felt
  • Craft Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
How To Make:
  • Cut a triangle shape out of red felt.
  • Make the top point flat and the bottom edge rounded.
  •  Cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon, tie it into a circle, and glue it to the top of the triangle shape.
  • Roll the triangle into a cone gluing the edges.
  • Take the cotton balls and glue them around the brim of the hat. Glue one cotton ball on the top point of the hat. Again, make sure the ribbon still sticks out. Your Santa hat is ready!
Flower Pot Reindeer

Materials Required
  • Craft glue, glue stick or glue dots
  • Plastic eyes Scissors
  • Scissors
  • Terracotta clay pots; 2"-5"
  • Red pom-poms
  • Three shades of brown craft foam, cardstock paper or construction paper
How to Make
  • Take a hand print of your kid on a shade of brown construction paper.
  • Cut the antlers from the handprint.
  • Then, cut the ears with the other brown. Use a lighter shade of brown for that
  • Attach the ears to the back of the pot. Then add the antlers.
  • Glue the eyes and nose to the front.
  • Fill the pot with candy, nuts or other goodies.
Chenille Stem Christmas Wreath Ornament Craft

Materials Needed:
  • 8 to16- red pony beads
  • 10-12" red ribbon
  • 1 green chenille stem
  • 8-10" thin cord or ribbon to hang the wreath
  • Pair of needle nose pliers to twist the ends
How To Make
  • Take the chenille stem and slide the red pony beads onto it.
  • Wrap the chenille stem around a pencil or pen.
  • You will now have a chenille stem that looks like a spring. Stretch the chenille spring out into a circle or wreath shape.
  • Complete the circle by twisting the ends.
  • Tie a red ribbon bow on the bottom of the wreath. Fix it with glue
  • Tie a thin cord or ribbon loop to the top of the wreath to hang it from your Christmas tree.