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Christmas Place Card Holder is an exquisite craft. Below are given some simple tips to make Christmas place card holders at home.

Christmas Place Card Holders

As the Christmas time approaches, the whole family is engaged in making the best of decorations. Everyone would want his home to live up to the festive spirit of the time. Christmas dinner is the most awaited element of the festival. Along with the lip-smacking menu, the table lay out is integral to give a grand ending to the festival. When it comes to Christmas dinner table decoration, you can always put eye-catching place card holders. You can place the names of your guests on these exquisite place card holder. The place card holders will not only add to the décor of your table but also reflect your personal love and care for the people.

When it comes to Christmas decoration, personalized and homemade decorations score over any other readymade ones. Place Card holder is no exception to this. This can be conveniently made at home with easily available materials. This is not only cost-effective but is also an interesting and engaging craft. It makes the entire family to spend some quality time together and also spurs the creativity of the kids. It is a pleasant surprise for your guests to see that how much you care to make them feel special. Moreover, what else can be more touching and impressive than making your presence felt at the Christmas dinner table through your hand made objects?

Check out for some simple tips to make the place card holders at home. The materials needed are easily available and economical. Some of the materials, which you need, are the used ones, which you may be thinking of disposing.

How To Make Christmas Place Card Holders

Angel Place Card Holder

Materials Required
  • Paper Cups
  • Color Tissue Paper
  • Lollipop
  • Chenille (soft, thick cotton or silk fabric)
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Fold the tissue paper back and forth to make a fan-like structure.
  • Take a paper cup and paint it with attractive colors. Make designs as per your choice. Floral designs can be very impressive. After painting, let it dry. Once it is properly dry, turn it upside down.
  • Paste the fan-shaped tissue paper on the top of the cup (the upside turned cup). Take a lollipop and push its stick through a hole made in the center of the cup. The chocolate of the lollipop is the head of the angel.
  • Cut out a clear, sharp edged round section from the chenille in the shape of a halo. Attach it at the back of the angel's head. The colorful angel place card holder is ready
  • Now you can paint the name of the guest either on the cup or can paste a small round card with the name written on the halo.
Snow Man Place Card

Materials Required
  • White cotton muslin
  • Small wooden cardboard
  • Cotton balls
  • Buttons
  • Glue (hot glue is preferable)
  • Buy some inexpensive white cotton muslin from any craft store. You can even use some old white sheets. Tear about 2 yards of the fabric into ½ inch wide strip.
  • Roll the strip into balls. Make three balls of different sizes. Make a ball with large size to serve as the base for the snowman, a medium sized ball for the torso and a small ball for the head.
  • Take another strip of the fabric and run a bead of glue through it. Make sure the glue is not water-soluble. Now paste the strip to the large ball by spiraling it upward from the base to the top in such a manner that each layer overlaps the previous layer by ½ of a strip. Repeat the above step for the other two balls as well. This will create an impression of a ball with overlapping fringe.
  • Now we need to give the look of chenille fabric to the balls. For this wet the balls from outside. Take care you do not drench the balls. After wetting the balls, put them into your clothes dryer along with a towel. The towel will absorb water and fluff up the balls. After 15-20 minutes, you can see your balls looking as though they are made of chenille fabric.
  • Hammer the baseball to make it flat so that it can stand on its own. Then glue the balls one above the other with the largest ball at the base, medium sized at the middle and the smallest at the top. Use black buttons for the eyes and nose and red for the mouth and shirt.
  • Cut a 3-inch small circle from red colored cotton cloth. Wrap it around a deep bottle cap (as that of bottled water) and tie a piece of color thread or ribbon at the bottom of the cap. Mix 1 teaspoon glue with 1-teaspoon water and paint your hat with this. Leave it to dry completely. Once it is dry, it will be firmly in the shape of a hat.
  • Glue the entire thing to a small wooden cardboard. You can paste the card with the name of your guest on the board with the snowman in the background. Now wait for your guest to exclaim and appreciate your effort!