World Of Christmas
Wreaths are great ways of decorating a house during Christmas. Learn how to make a beautiful Eucalyptus and lemon wreath.

Eucalyptus And Lemon Holiday Wreath Craft

Wreaths and Advent wreaths are important aspects of any Christmas decorations. They exude a feeling of festivity and are often considered as the prime symbol of Christmas celebration. Made from a variety of materials like leaves, fruits and flowers, wreaths are important Christmas ornaments that can be hung on a wall, over a table and can be even presented as holiday gifts for friends and family.

Wreaths of different designs and color patterns can be easily purchased from any local stores or gift shops. Apart from this, you can also craft your own personalized wreath from a number of easily available materials. This can even be like a family project when you and your family can spend some quality time together. This will also be a fun and amusing way by which you can increase the creativity and innovative skills of your kids or any younger siblings. The Eucalyptus and lemon holiday wreath is not only beautiful to look at but also delights one's senses with its sweet aroma and bright color. Eucalyptus sprays are most commonly used to prepare the base for a Christmas wreath and looks very elegant and graceful. One thing that has to be kept in mind while crafting a wreath is to have a flat area as the working surface. The decorations can later be added by hanging it up on a wall or any other similar surface.

How To Make A Homemade Christmas Eucalyptus And Lemon Wreath

Material Required
  • Wreath base like Styrofoam
  • A green wreath wrap
  • Floral pins
  • A heavy wire for the wreath hook
  • Fresh Eucalyptus branches
  • Steel picks
  • 10 fresh lemons
  • Ice picks
  • Floral wire
  • A red bow
  • The base of the wreath can be made from a number of different materials. Some common and easily available materials that can be used for making the base are hangers, grass, vines, wet foam, and even Styrofoam. All these materials can be easily twisted to give the desired shape of the wreath.
  • The common or the traditional shape of a holiday wreath is a ring or a circle. However, you can use your inventive skills and creativeness to create your own wreath shape. Some other common forms of Christmas wreath are heart shape, candy cane stick and tear drop shape.
  • For the traditional ring Eucalyptus wreath, the base is formed by twisting any of the above-mentioned materials in the form of a circle. The entire form is then wrapped by using a green wreath wrap and secured by using floral pins. For the purpose of hanging, a heavy wire is wrung around the wreath to form a hook like structure.
  • After this, branches of fresh evergreen is taken and cut into pieces. Then insert a steel pick into each of these pieces. With the wreath lying flat on the working surface, each of these pieces are inserted into the base, each half inch apart to form a complete circle.
  • This being done, insert a second row of fresh eucalyptus at an angle from the first row and slightly tilted towards the right. Also, keep in mind that only the first row should stick straight out. In the same manner, add rows of fresh Eucalyptus to the frame at angles from each other along with a rightward tilt. Try to avoid any unwanted gaps or space in between.
  • After the Eucalyptus base is formed completely, you can hang it with the aid of the hook on a wall or such other similar structure. This way the decorations can be added in a convenient manner.
  • Next, pierce each lemon by using an ice pick and a floral wire or insert a string through the hole. Now, using this floral wire, attach the lemons to the wreath in any desired pattern or design. A beautiful red colored bow can then be added as a finishing touch to the bottom of the wreath.