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Bird House is an exquisite craft, which forms an integral part of Christmas decoration. We bring you some simple tips to make Bird house Christmas tree ornament at home.

Bird House Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

With the coming of Christmas, everyone is busy decorating his or her house. This is the time of real excitement when family gets together and spends quality time with each other. When it comes to decoration, bird house tree ornament stands out as a distinct craft. It is not only attractive but also elegant in its form. Bird house can be made at home with some readily available materials and that too, in a very short period of time. This craft is highly engaging and brings out the active participation of every member of the family irrespective of the age. We bring you some simple tips for making the bird house craft at home. Try it out this Christmas and adorn your Christmas tree with this cute craft bearing your signature.

How To Make Bird House Christmas Tree Ornament

Cardboard Bird House

Materials Required
  • Cardboard
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Scrap of white and green felt
  • Thick stick
  • Glue
  • Brown Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Compass
  • Cotton
  • Pencil and scissors
  • Draw the figure of bird house on the other side of the cardboard. Cut the figure out taking care that it has a clean and sharp edge.
  • Fold the house at the center and on the sides. Use glue to keep the fold intact.
  • Now paste a white paper to each end of the house. This will keep the open triangular area at the top away from the view.
  • Once the structure of house is made, paint a light coat of brown acrylic paint on the house.
  • Cut a rectangular scrap of the wrapping paper. Glue the inside side of the paper together. Fold the paper into half and paste it on the top of the house. This makes the roof of the house.
  • Paste some attractive wrapping paper over the rest of the house to make the walls. Use Christmas colored wrapping papers like red, green etc for making the house.
  • Make a small hole with the compass and insert a small stick through it to form the perch. Fasten the perch using the glue. Paint a circle above the perch to serve as the opening.
  • Take some cotton and draw them into lengths. The cotton lengths formed should be considerably thick. Glue the cotton on the roof in strands and also paste some in front of the house to form the door. Sprinkle some white glitter on the cotton to give an impression of a snowfall.
  • Now take the whole house and glue its bottom to a thick cardboard. Allow it to dry.
  • Once it is dry, pierce a hole at the center of the cardboard. Turn the house upside down. Insert a thick stick through the hole so that the stick touches the roof of the house. This will serve as the pole for the house.
  • Glue some white felt paper in the front of the house over the cardboard so that no part of cardboard is visible. Cut out trees and bushes from green felt paper and paste in on the white felt. Also glue some white felt at the bottom of house. So, the bird house Christmas tree ornament is ready to add to your Christmas decor.
Wood Bird House

Materials Required
  • Bird house shaped wood pieces
  • Wood driller
  • Gold ribbon
  • Cotton
  • Glue
  • Take a wood piece resembling some sort of bird house. Paint it with dark brown acrylic paint. Allow it to dry.
  • Cut an appropriate size of the gold ribbon. Fold the ribbon into half and twist the ends together. Now hold its twisted end to the top of the wood piece. Glue it there and you find the hanger for the bird house is ready.
  • Cut out a small circle on the top part of the house. For this use a wood driller. Now take a golden star and paste it just below the circle.
  • Now take the cotton strands and spread it over the roof and base of the bird house. Glue it so that it remains intact. This will create an atmosphere as if it is snowing on the birdhouse. You can use other adornments like colored lace, jingles, or ornaments to decorate your birdhouse.
  • The bird house tree ornament is ready to be hung on your Christmas tree or any other prominent place.