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Garlands add a whole new meaning to the decorations during Christmas times. Get ideas from the article below on how to make Natural Christmas Garlands Crafts.

Natural Christmas Garlands Crafts

What better way can there be to spend one's Christmas holidays than decorating the home with colorful and bright Christmas decorations. This is, in fact, the most exciting and fun part of the season. To make it even more special, you can even create your own decorations to hang over the windows, Christmas trees, mantles or any other place where you want to create and feel the magic of the season. The best way to start this is by crafting different types of Christmas garlands. Apart from hanging them in different areas, you can also gift them to your near and dear ones and believe it; this gift will be far better and will be appreciated more than any other gift purchased from the shop.

As mentioned above, Christmas garlands can be put in a number of places like over the fireplace, on a wall or in the entrance hall of the house. However, the one place that these garlands look real stunning is when they are wound around the banister of the house. They can be made using a combination of different colors and patterns and can also be created from naturally available materials like fruits and berries apart from the normal artificial ones. Some techniques of making Christmas garlands from naturally available materials are given below in this article.

How To Make Homemade Christmas Garlands With Natural Materials

Cranberries And Apple Garland

Materials Required
  • Cranberries
  • Wire
  • Dried Apple (sliced)
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Join three to four pieces of the sliced apples, cranberries, and cinnamon with a wire in a garland in a manner using different patterns and designs.
Citrus- Nuts- Bay Leaf Garland

Materials Required
  • Chestnuts (Acorns or any other nut)
  • Bay leaf (Or other such dried leaves)
  • Dried Citrus and wire.
  • Drill holes in the acorns or any other nut that is used. After this, join together, the chestnuts, bay leaves and dried citrus to form a garland creating a pattern of your choice.
Apple Garland

Material Required
  • Small red apples
  • String the small apples together creating a garland.
Gingerbread Garland

Materials Required
  • 6 feet garland
  • 7 gingerbread men (each 23/4 inches)
  • 3 wood books (21/8 inches each)
  • Four wood books (11/2 inches each)
  • 18 mushroom buttons (3/4 inch each)
  • 7 folk hearts (1 inch each)
  • A sponge brush
  • A liner brush
  • A black marker
  • Stylus
  • Acrylic paint (white, Christmas green, crimson or toffee brown),
  • Glue gun,
  • Glue sticks
  • yard clear cellophane wrapping paper.
  • Paint each gingerbread men with toffee brown color. Paint the big books in green and the smaller ones in crimson color.
  • Now paint the mushrooms with white color and the hearts with the crimson color using the sponge brush.
  • Then, with the help of the liner brush, paint nine mushroom buttons with crimson stripes and green stripes over the other nine.
  • Now write the lines 'Twas the night before Christmas...' using a fine black marker on the green ones while, write 'Noel' over the crimson books.
  • After this, paint white squiggles on the gingerbread men and dot eyes and then allow it to dry.
  • Now glue a crimson heart to each of the gingerbread and using 3 x 21/2 inch cellophane strips (18 strips), wrap the mushroom buttons like a candy, twisting each other.
  • Finally, glue the gingerbread men, the books, and the mushroom buttons together in groups of three to the garland using the glue gun.