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Christmas Gift Exchange Games add spice to the celebration and are real fun. So here are a few ideas to start with.

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

The spirit of Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and reverence. The things have been such from time immemorial. People spend quality time with their families, say prayers and not to forget, exchange gifts. Exchanging gifts in Christmas have become a tradition. Everyone gifts their loved ones one gift or another. This is a cheerful way to greet and thank your family and friends for their valuable time and comforting. You have to gratify everyone in your knowledge with gifts they would like, to show them your love and care. This can be a little difficult as you cannot satisfy each and every one of them. For this reason gift exchange games are devised. If you are clueless about which game to play and how to conduct them, a list of few common games played during Christmas are given below:

Christmas Gift Exchange Games Ideas

Roll A Dice
Make everyone sit in a circle and start with a gift. Play a favorite Christmas carol on your stereo, while 1-3 dice are being passed around the circle. Each person rolls and then passes the dice. If they roll a six, they can trade packages with whoever they want. At the end of the song, everyone keeps the package in front of them.

The Left Right Game
The Left Right game involves reading a story that has several rights and lefts in it. Each time the word left is heard, gifts are passed to the left. Each time the word right is heard, gifts are passed to the right. Make your guests sit in a circle, each with a gift on their lap. Make someone read the story live or tape it beforehand if you want absolutely everyone to participate in passing the gifts. When the story is over, each person gets to keep the gift they have at that time.

The Thing I Need
You write 30 things you are looking for. The number of slips should be more than the number of guests. For example, if the first paper drawn says "the person with the most number of coins", then you give the gift to the person with maximum number of coins. Again, if a paper drawn says "the tallest person in the room", then the gift is passed to the tallest person. You keep drawing until the last paper is drawn and that person gets to keep the gift.

Guess This One
Number each gift as it arrives. Then, give the person who brought the gift a square paper with the corresponding number. Make the person write down one little known fact about himself/herself and then fold the paper and put it in a bowl, hat, gift bag, etc. When the exchange of gifts starts, make the host draw a piece of paper and read out the little known fact written on it. He/She should not mention the package number. The person who guesses first who that person is gets the package with the corresponding number. Once someone guesses correctly they are out of the game. The game continues till there is one gift left, which is of course for the host.

Beg, Borrow, Steal
In this gift exchange game, guests are allowed to steal one another's presents. Make your guests draw numbers out of a bowl to determine the order of gift selection. Then make everyone sit in a circle and let the person who drew the number "1" begin the game by selecting a gift from the pile and unwrapping it. The second player can then choose to either steal the first player's gift or select an unwrapped gift from the pile. Each remaining player can either steal a previous player's gift or select an unwrapped one. Once everyone has had a turn, the first player can decide to keep her gift or steal another player's gift.

Christmas is not really about gifts it is about the feelings your loved ones have while giving those gifts to you. So don't crib if you don't get a gift of your choice, there are many more Christmas to come. Merry Christmas!