World Of Christmas
A Christmas party without games is incomplete. Given below are the tips on how to play some funny musical games during Christmas.

Christmas Musical Games

Christmas and enjoyment are almost synonymous to each other. The entire phase starting from Christmas till the New Year is the most fun period of the year and is celebrated in a variety of ways across the globe. Different people observe the festival in different ways but the basic theme remains the same and that is to spread and receive the message of love and kindness. Parties are organized, sumptuous meals are prepared and people get together to enjoy the festival with their loved ones.

During Christmas, what excites people the most are the innumerous exciting games that are held to jazz up the party. There are a variety of games that are played by both children and adults during the festival. Some of them are the candy relay race, secret Santa game, Pass bows, Christmas memories and the very famous musical games. These musical games are of different types and depend a lot on the participants involved. Some of these games are meant only for kids and some others only for adults. Again, there are some games, which can be played by a combination of both. A list of such amusing and exciting musical games is given below in this article.

Guess The Tune
This game is primarily for the adults and everyone gets a good laugh while playing it. All you have to do is re-write the tunes of the famous Christmas songs in your own words and sing them aloud. The one who is the most creative and manages to get the most laughs wins the game and is given a prize.

Guess A Song
This game is called ‘Guess a song' and is played mostly by adults. You will need a few CDs of Christmas songs. This you can easily purchase from a popular music store nearby or you can even download the music from the internet. Each of these songs is played for a maximum of about 5 seconds. The participant who is able to correctly guess the title of the song being played is declared the winner and is given a prize.

Freeze Dance
The third game is very exciting and is called the ‘freeze dance'. This game involves a lot of dancing and hopping and is a favorite with the young children. In this game, some famous Christmas tunes are played and all the participants are allowed to dance. As soon as the music is turned off, the children should ‘freeze' in one spot. This game is very amusing to look at and is a great way to warm up the children to the other games.

All At Once
Another fun game that can be played by people of all age groups and mindset is to have everyone to sing their favorite Christmas song, all at the same time. If you muddle up in between, you have to stop singing at once. The person who is still singing till the end of the game and has not messed up even once is declared the winner.

Pass The Santa
One game that keeps the guests entertained for hours together is ‘Pass the Santa'. In this game, all the participants sit in a circle and the soft toy is passed from one participant to another. A peppy Christmas song is being played in the background. The person who is holding the Santa when the music is stopped is out and should step out of the circle. The person who stays till the end of the game is the winner and gets to keep the Santa as the prize.