World Of Christmas
This is a game of children where they are required to find out the hidden clothes of Santa Claus. Read on to find the instructions to play the game.

Santa Clause Games

As the Christmas approaches, children wait for plumpy, jolly, white bearded man, Santa Claus, who brings them plenty of gifts. He is the mysterious grandpa for the children who comes from nowhere suddenly some day, spread joy and disappears in no time. Children love Santa Claus and love to be held by him. When Santa Claus is such a great favourite among the children, then why not make them play his game this festival? The game is called "Where are Santa clothes?" The game is both interesting and engaging. The game is based on the theme of hiding Santa's clothes and making the children to find them. The one who finds maximum of them within the set time is declared as the winner and is gifted with an award. Even parents can help the children to find the clothes. While playing this game, every part of your living room will be looked and searched. In this process, your decorations will come in your guest's attention and thus, your effort well-rewarded. The game is extremely simple and short timed. Since it is not a stretched game, it keeps the interest of the children intact, who otherwise deviate at the slightest notion. The playing instructions are given below in a nutshell.

Things Required
  • Red jacket
  • Red pant
  • Black belt
  • Red bag
  • Red hat with a long hanging
  • Boots
  • White gloves
  • Santa's mustache and beard
  • Stop-watch
  • Santa's picutre
How To Play Where Are Santa Clothes
  • Before your child guests come in, hide Santa's belongings at a secured place. You choose such places for hiding which are in the view but least suspected. For example, you can hang the belt at the top of the Christmas tree. Hide the boots among the Christmas statues. Put the hat on any of the stuffed toys and hang the white mustache and beard on the Christmas star. Put the bag among your hand-made crafts and jacket and pant among your colourful curtains. These are the suggested places for hiding. You can, of course, decide them as per your room arrangement.
  • Once all your child guests have come in show them a picture of Santa Claus. Let each of the children have a clear look at the picture and know the minute details about Santa's clothes and appearance.
  • Give them a pen and paper and ask them to make a note of his belongings on the paper.
  • Once they have seen the picture properly, ask them to search for the items. You can give them a clue that they are not digged inside anywhere but is somewhere very prominent. This will prevent them from making a mess of the house by go through each and every object in the house.
  • Set a stopwatch and intimate the children that they are given some five minutes to search the thing. This will make the game more exciting and thrilling as they will be deeply involved in searching the items.
  • Whoever gets the maximum things in the allotted time-limit is the winner. He /She is then awarded with a small gift.