World Of Christmas
Games are great ways to unwind and enjoy the true flavor of a Christmas party. Given below are the tips on how to play ‘What's in the stocking' during Christmas.

What's In The Stocking Game

Games are part and parcel of a Christmas party and are a great way to boost the excitement and enthusiasm of the crowd. People of different age groups, mindset, and interests get together with the common idea of enjoying the festival and spending quality time with friends and family. A wide range of fun and thrilling Christmas games are present to choose from like icebreakers, wrapping race, musical packages, Pictionary, and charades. Such games make the festival complete and people get to enjoy the true spirit of the season. One such game that needs special mention while talking about the different games of Christmas is ‘What's in the Stocking'.

Christmas stockings have always been a fascination with the kids and the young during the festival. The popular fable of Santa sliding down the chimney to fill the stockings of young children with innumerous gifts and presents has been passed down from generation to generation. This image of Santa filling the stockings with gifts have become so much popular that children all across the world make it a point to hang stockings every year on the eve of Christmas before sleeping. This has almost become like a custom during the season and a number of Christmas games have evolved as a result of this. ‘What's in the Stocking' is an all time favorite and has always been a hit with the masses and with the kids in particular.

How to Play Christmas What's in the Stocking Game

Materials Required
  • A collection of stockings of large size.
  • A sheet of paper and a pencil for each participant.
  • A number of small objects like hair clip, paper clip, coin, doll's shoe, ribbon, holly, Xmas ornaments, scotch tape and pine cone.
Age Limit - Above 6 years

Game Arrangement
Fill some pairs of very warm and thick Christmas socks or stockings with an assortment of different items like holly, mistletoe, ornaments, and pine cone. The arrangement should be such that similar items are placed in each pair of stockings. Also, place more than 25 different objects inside to make the game last longer and to make it more fun. Now tie a ribbon or a string around the opening in order to prevent anyone from peeking inside.

How To Play
Give each of the participants a piece of paper and a pencil. Now pass around the socks or the stockings and ask all the players to write the number of objects that they feel are inside the stocking. Now tell them to feel and make a guess of all the objects through the stocking, and write down the names on the piece of paper given to them. The participant who gets the maximum number of right guesses wins the game and is given a prize.