World Of Christmas
Games are fun ways to enjoy Christmas and spend some time with your loved ones. Read on to know how to play present pass game.

Pass the Present Game

Pass the Present Game Christmas is a commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and is the most widely celebrated festival in the entire world. Shopping for this festival starts immediately after Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November) and continues till the very eve of Christmas. The entire season is spent amidst merrymaking, fun, and frolic. Although the customs and traditions vary from place to place and from people to people, the basic motto remains the same and that is to spread the message of love and help the needy and the deprived.

A typical scene that you will encounter during a Christmas Eve in a cold December night is endless twinkling lights lining the streets, aroma of balsam, and the smell of homemade pastries and cookies drifting through the windows of every house. People come from all over to spend time with their friends and family. Houses are ornamented with innumerous decorations and trinkets starting from Christmas trees to baubles, garlands, and mistletoes. To make the festival complete and to enjoy the true spirit of the season, games are held where people of all age groups and mindset take part. A wide range of fun Christmas games are present like icebreakers, musical packages, and wrapping race. A unique and very amusing game among these is ‘passing the present'. The best part of this game is that it can be played by all age groups and does not require any big space.

How To Play Christmas Present Pass Game

Materials Required
  • A small gift wrapped in several layers of different wrapping paper
  • Christmas music
  • Chairs
  • All the guests who have arrived for the party are made to sit on the chairs that are arranged in a circle.
  • The Christmas music is started and the gift wrapped in the several layers of wrapping paper are passed from one person to the other.
  • When the music stops, the person who has the parcel has to unwrap one layer of the paper.
  • After this, the music is started again and the parcel is again circulated. This is continued till the last bit of wrapping paper is removed.
  • The person who gets to remove the last layer is regarded as the winner and gets to keep the gift. An attempt should be made to find a gift that everyone will enjoy or a gift that everyone will get a good laugh out of.