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Christmas party can be made more entertaining by introducing games for adult in it. We bring you some interesting adult Christmas games in this article.

Christmas Games For Adult

Christmas party becomes much more exciting when there are games to engage the guests. It is not that games are meant only for children. In fact, the child within a grown-up gets a fair chance to come out and enjoy only during such celebrations. Games are highly exciting and at the same time help the guests to know each other better. At many occasions, these games serve as the icebreaker and party starters. We bring you some awesome entertaining games for adults, which will set the spirit of your Christmas party. These games are set in Christmas background and hence blend well with the festivity of the occasion.

How To Play Adult Christmas Games

Christmas Artists

Things Required
  • White papers
  • Flat book
  • Colorful markers
  • Christmas stickers
  • Whistle
  • Stopwatch
  • Give each of your guest pieces of white paper, a flat book to keep the paper on, colorful markers like red, green and black and Christmas stickers.
  • Ask your guests to sit in a circle with the papers kept on the flat book on their head.
  • Blow a whistle to start the game. Give them step-by-step instructions for drawing on the paper. The instruction can be like "Draw a fireplace, then hang 8 stockings near the fireplace. Draw Santa Claus with the hat on his head and basket on his back. Now make candy canes in a basket on the floor. Paste the sticker of reindeer close to Santa Claus. Draw a Christmas tree. Paste the sticker of a star on the top of the tree."
  • The participants need to draw simultaneously as the instructions are given. As soon as the instructions are over, give them two or three more minutes to finish the half-completed drawings and also to color the drawings wherever they feel so. Set the stopwatch to fix the time.
  • As the time limit is over, collect the drawing from your guests. The drawings will not only be interesting but also hilarious and will set the mood of the party.
  • Now for choosing the winner, assign points to each of the drawings. For example, give 2 points to each of the candy cane which is inside the basket, 5 points each for the hat and basket if they are in proper place, 2 point for the stockings hung close to the fireplace without overlapping any other stocking, 3 points to a correctly drawn Christmas tree, 2 points for the well placed star and reindeer. You can vary the points as per your choice. Also, give additional points for neatness and clarity of the drawing. One who receives the maximum point is the winner
Snowball Throw

Things Required
  • Marshmallows (large ones)
  • Tape markers
  • Divide your guests into two equal teams. Make them stand in a line.
  • Place 2 taped markers on the floor, maintaining a distance of few feet from the teams.
  • Give a bag of marshmallows to both the teams.
  • Ask the first person from each team to come and stand behind the marker. He has to throw the marshmallow to his team member standing first in the line. The person in the line has to catch it with his mouth.
  • The process is continued till the person gets a marshmallow in his mouth. As soon as he gets one he takes the place behind the marker and throws them to the person who is now standing in his place. The process continues till the last person in the team. Whichever team finishes the process first is the winner of the game.
Guess The Stocking Stuff

Things Required
  • A big colorful stockings
  • Christmas materials like candies, ribbons, jingle, candles, glittering balls, star, Christmas tree craft, small birdhouse ornament etc.
  • Ribbon
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Stopwatch
  • Take a big colorful stocking. Fill it with numerous Christmas materials. Take care you don't repeat any stuff as it may be confusing.
  • Tie the open end of the stocking with ribbon. Pass the stocking among your guests.
  • Let the first person touch the materials from outside the stocking. He needs to guess what is there inside the stocking only by touching from outside.
  • Then they have to write it down on a sheet of paper. It should be done in a set time limit, which is maintained by the stopwatch. After which the person has to pass the stocking to the next person.
  • Once everyone has jotted down their perception of what is inside, take the paper from them.
  • Remove the ribbon, take the things from the stocking one by one, and show it to the guests.
  • Match it with their paper and whoever gets the maximum guesses right is the winner.