World Of Christmas
Make your Christmas party a memorable one for your guests by introducing fun games in it. Read on to find some exciting fun Christmas party games.

Christmas Party Fun Games

Christmas brings the best opportunity for family and friends to gather and celebrate together. Organizing a Christmas party requires skillful planning and deft handling of the different inclusions of the party. Christmas party can be made more enjoyable and thrilling by introducing some exciting games in it. Games boost up the fun spirit of the gathering and keep the guests engaged into a pleasurable activity. Games interest everyone, may he be a child, teen or an adult. We bring you some fun-filled games which will make your Christmas party more interesting and enlivening.

How To Organize Fun Christmas Party Games

Pass The Gift

Things Required
  • A small gift wrapped in a bright wrapping paper
  • Christmas song collection
  • Paper pieces
  • Bowl
  • Take a paper sheet and cut it into small pieces. Write an interesting activity in each of the pieces. You can write such tasks as sing a Christmas carol, act like a film star, dance with the person of opposite sex, walk like Santa Claus and many others.
  • Arrange your guests in a circle. Give the wrapped gift to one of the participants. As the music plays, he has to pass the gift to others.
  • When the music stops, the person with the gift picks a paper piece from the bowl. He has to perform the task which is written in the paper. Once his turn is over, he sits outside the team.
  • Others follow the same process as above till everyone has done something or other. You can appoint someone as the judge or you can yourself take the role.
  • The person with the best performance is the winner of the game and is rewarded with the same gift they had passed during the game.
Tip: You can use some Christmas related objects as the gift inside the wrapping paper. It can be Santa Claus dummy, a snowman soft toy, packet of candies and others.

Christmas Carol Charades

Things Required
  • Pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Bowl
  • Write down some of the popular Christmas Carols on pieces of paper. Fold the paper and put them in a bowl.
  • Divide your guests into two teams of equal numbers. The first person from one team comes up and picks a paper.
  • He needs to communicate the carol written in the paper to his team mates by drawing figures related to the carol on the board. He should not utter any word nor should show any gestures.
  • Allot time for each participant. If his team guesses the carol right within the prescribed time, the team gets a point. Then the entire team sings the carol together.
  • The team to get the maximum points is the winner and gets an attractive prize.
Christmas Pair
This is a simple game which requires no particular things. It is highly entertaining game for the kids and teens in particular.

  • Make your guests to stand together. Call out a number and the guests need to form teams with people of that number.
  •  The person who could not fit himself in any of the team is out of the game.
  • Gradually the number of participants decreases and finally there are only three people left out. Call out number two and the pair formed is the winner of the game.
Wrap The Gift

Things Required
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • A roll of tape
  • Ribbon
  • Box
  • Table
  • Divide the people into pairs. Ask them to stand around a table.
  • Give every pair a piece of gift-wrapping paper, scissors, a roll of tape, a colorful ribbon and a box. Do not give them glue as this can simplify their work.
  • The fun part of the game is that players in each pair have to put their one arm around each other. This leaves them with just one hand each to play the game.
  • As the sign for start goes off, the players need to wrap the box with the gift paper. Since they are bound together, one of the player can use only his left hand and another his right hand. They have to wrap the box as fast as they can but certainly not at the cost of neatness.
  • The pair which is first to wrap the box and in a beautiful style is the winner of the game.