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The Employee Trivia game is one of the best ways to boost up the confidence of the working staff of a place. Read on to know how to play this funny and exciting game.

Employee Trivia Game

It is only a few days before the Christmas party and you still have to decide on the games that you are going to play with your employees. Don't worry as we have a great and interesting idea to pep up your office Christmas party this year. The Employee Trivia Game is an all-time favorite and is a fun and competitive way to build up team spirit and unity. Besides, this also keeps the people entertained for hours and thus helps to lighten up the general mood in the office. The rules and regulations for playing this game may vary from person to person but it's always better to keep it simple and easy to understand. Too many complications might make the game intricate and players may thereby lose interest in it.

How To Play Christmas Employee Trivia Game

  • First of all decide on the theme for the game. The theme for any Christmas Trivia game is basically related to the festival and may be anything ranging from Christmas decorations and ornies to stories of nativity and even popular Xmas figures. You may also select from the categories of adventure, travel and fun but this also should be related to the festival or on the winter season in general.
  • Once the theme is decided, ask all your employees to send you tidbits of trivia about Christmas and themselves that they believe nobody in the company knew about. Some examples are – "I played Santa twice on stage when I was in high school", "I was once Santa's elf at a mall" etc.
  • This being done, type up a sheet containing the trivia items in one column and the name of the employees in another column. Each of the employees is then assigned a letter, which is generally the starting letter of the person's name.
  • Before starting the game, all the instructions should be read out and all the rules and regulations made clear. Make sure that everyone understands how the game is operated.
  • Also try to anticipate in advance the problems that you might encounter while playing the game. Like for instance, it is very difficult to choose from several hands whom to give the chance to speak first or if you are using a buzzer system, it is very difficult to find out who chimes in first. For this reason, it is always better to use a rotating system so that every person gets equal chance to play and nobody feels left out. If possible, try to involve the reserved and the shy people more as this will help them to open up and thereby communicate better in the work-station later on.
  • Each of the players is then asked to write the letter of the person who they think matched the contents of the trivia sheet. The employee with the maximum number of correct matches wins the game and is given a prize.
The Employee Trivia Game is a great way to improve the morale of the employees and make them enjoy their working atmosphere and the workplace. It is one of the best ways to let your employees know that you appreciate them and their works. It is in fact, this appreciation that will make them want to work harder and better.