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Add fun and pleasure to your Christmas party by introducing family games in it. Read on to find out some of the interesting Christmas party family games.

Christmas Party Family Games

Christmas is the perfect occasion for family gathering. It is the apt time for relatives to spend quality time with each other. Even the far-off relatives come closer during the festival. When you have so many of your own people around, won't you like to throw the most memorable Christmas party? Besides the conventional Christmas party norms, introduce some exciting family games in your party. These games can cheer up your guests and also create a jovial atmosphere. Family games will boost the depth of relations and also gear up the spirit of oneness. Moreover, people come to know more about their own blood which otherwise would have been difficult owing to time constraint. We bring you some fascinating family games which will make your Christmas party more enjoyable and at the same time strengthen your personal relations.

How To Organize Christmas Party Family Games

Want a Christmas Cake?

Things Required
  • Crème Cakes
  • Paper plates
  • Table
  • Rope
  • The participants stand around a round table. Tie their hands at the back with a rope.
  • Place the pieces of Christmas cakes on the paper plate and put them in an order on the table.
  • Make your guests to stand around the table with each of them having a plate in front.
  • Allow two minutes for the game. With the start signal, the participants need to eat the cake without using their hands.
  • When the time is over, the people with the large cakes remaining are out of the game.
  • Give a bigger size cake than before to the people remaining. And the same process continues.
  • Gradually the number of participants decreases and the size of cake increases. Many of them will get tired of having sweet and so voluntarily come out of the game. Whoever stays till the end of game or eats the maximum cake is the winner of the game. At the end of game they are sure to so sweet toothed that they will feel like having anything else other than sweet.
Note: This game is only for adults as eating this fast may prove dangerous for children.

What Is In The Stocking?

Things Required
  • Pair of large stockings
  • Ribbon
  • 20 Christmas materials like Santa Claus dummy, star, Christmas tree craft, plastic balls, bells, bird house, candies, North Pole, candle, place card holder and the likes.
  • Take a large stocking. Fill it with the Christmas materials as stated above. Tie the open end with ribbon.
  • Make the family members to sit in a circle. The first person gets the stocking. He touches the things from outside the stocking and guesses what it could be. He has to write them on the paper. Allot 2-3 minutes per person.
  • Then he passes the stocking to the person next to him and he repeats the same process. The game continues till the last person writes his note.
  • Collect the notes from each of the participant. Untie the ribbon and take out the stuffs one by one and show it to your guests.
  • The person who get the maximum guesses right is the winner of the game.
Know Your Family

Things Required
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Set a number of questions on a set of paper regarding the details of your family members.
  • The questions can be like "When did cousin Jyoslin get marry?", "How is Billy related to Thomas?" "Which company does Richard work for?" etc. Questions are to be framed in such a way that it relates to some personal details of the family members though not very much intimate. At least, it should be general enough to be known by most of them.
  • Whoever gets the maximum answers right is the winner of the game. This game makes the family to come closer to each other.
Drop The Snowball

Things Required
  • White ball
  • A basket
  • Whistle
  • Divide the family into pairs. Give a white color ball to each pair. Keep equal number of baskets as the number of pairs in another corner of the room. Keep the baskets with some space in between.
  • Each pair has to stand back to back with a ball tucked in between their backs. With the blowing of whistle, the pairs have to move towards the basket taking care that their ball does not fall down in the middle. If it falls they need to go back to the starting point and start again.
  • They need to drop the ball in the basket. The pair to do it first is the winner of the game.