World Of Christmas
This Christmas Party Game is a guessing game and is an excellent icebreaker for any general Christmas party.

Stocking the Stockings

Everyone likes Christmas. It is that time of the year when people eat, drink, dance and make merry. At the end of the year everyone is shopping for gifts, partying and enjoying with their loved ones. Christmas parties are organized at offices, homes and clubs. When a party starts everyone likes to treat themselves with sumptuous food. After a while, everyone dances and a little while later, there is nothing much left to do besides talking with each other. To cut off this tension, people play party games. The common ones are 'Spying Them All' and 'Finding Santa'. There are other games too which can be played at such occasions. One of them is 'Stocking the Stockings', which is a funny guessing game.

Things You Need:
  • Pairs of thick woolen stockings, as many as the number of your guests (Divide your guests by 2 to get the number of pairs you will need. You may need one extra stocking, if you have odd number of guests.)
  • Small things to stuff the stockings such as pine cone, Christmas tree ornaments, holly, candies and stars.
  • Paper and pen for each guest
  • Ribbon
  • A music player or a radio
How to Play:
  • Stuff at least ten different objects into each stocking. Greater number of objects makes it more and more interesting.
  • Almost every stocking should have different stock.
  • Tie the open end of the stocking with a ribbon.
  • Distribute these stockings, pen and paper to your guests.
  • When the music starts, ask them to guess what are the things stocked in their stocking, which they should jot down on their papers.
  • They must stop when the music stops.
  • Give them some time to guess and then stop the music.
  • Then each guest comes on the stage or in the centre of the circle and empties his or her stocking on a table.
  • The things in the stockings are matched with the list the guest has made.
  • The person who has guessed most things correctly is declared the winner.