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The article below gives a clear description of how to play Christmas Pictionary and Charades.

Christmas Pictionary And Charades

Games are integral part of any Christmas party, which helps people to get into the true spirit of the season. One such game that never fails to entertain people and keeps them occupied for hours together are Christmas Pictionary and Charades. There are several versions of this game and can be played by people of all age groups and mindset. Pictionary is basically a word guessing game which requires the use of a board and the prime aim is to guess a specific word based on the drawings and illustrations made by your team mates on the board. A charade, on the other hand, is also a word guessing game where, instead of a board, team members use physical activity to convey a specific word or phrase. In this game, verbal language of any form is to be avoided.

How To Play Charade Game
  • Divide all your guests into two teams. You can also divide it in gender-based group like the men vs. women to make it more competitive and fun.  
  • Each of the team has to select a player who will have to pick a slip of paper from a container. This slip contains a word or a phrase (like the title of a Christmas song or name of Christmas ornaments) which is selected in secret by the game organizer.
  • Now, using only physical movements, the player has to convey the word to his teammates. It should be kept in mind that no sounds or lip movements should be made while conveying the word otherwise the player will be disqualified.
  • The teams alternate so that each team member has an opportunity to pantomime. The rules may vary depending on the people playing the game. Like for instance, if the theme for the play are Christmas carols, then after guessing the title, all the members of the group are required to sing the entire song.
How To Play Pictionary Game
  • Just like the charades, the participants in the play are broken down into groups. You can make this even more fun by teaming or challenging the men against women.
  • The first team to play decides which member will go to draw first. The theme for the play can be anything like Christmas word, songs, or movies. Some popularly used terms are Christmas tree, Santa Claus, elf, snow, turkey, presents, Jack Frost, Rudolf the reindeer, and holiday.
  • The drawer chooses a card out of a set of special Pictionary cards (either commercially purchased cards or homemade ones) and tries to draw the word which is written over it. One important rule while playing the game is that you cannot use alphabets or numbers that might give clue to the word written over the card.
  • A time limit is set, within which the other team members have to guess what the drawer is trying to make. This is usually taken as one minute. The team, which makes the highest score, wins the game and is awarded with beautiful Christmas gifts.