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Christmas party becomes more exciting for teens if it has some interesting games for them. Check out the article to find some Christmas party games for teens.

Christmas Party Games For Teens

The teenagers are the dynamic souls looking out for some or other activity always. How about giving them a bunch of exciting games this Christmas? Teens enjoy having some sort of competition wherein they can exhibit their skill. Christmas party becomes more enjoyable to them when there are games and events going around. They get a chance to be involved in the party rather than being just a mute spectator. Besides, they also get to know each other better when are teamed up for a game. Considering the significance of games in Christmas celebration, we bring for you some of the most enjoyable games for teens. Include these in your Christmas party and see your teen guests having the maximum fun.

How To Organize Christmas Party Games For Teens

Christmas Cards

Things Required
  • Paper sheets
  • Pen
  • Bowl
  • Christmas songs
  • Cut paper into small pieces and write a task in each of them. Write some interesting chores like recite a Christmas carol, act like Santa Claus, dance to a fast music, walk like a reindeer etc.
  • Fold the paper pieces and put it in a bowl. Make your teen guests to sit in a circle.
  • Assign someone in your home the duty of playing the Christmas song.
  • As soon as the song is on one of the participants has to pick up a card from the bowl and pass it on to the others.
  • They have to pass the cards till the song stops. The person with the card at the time when music stops has to perform the task written on the card.
  • After he performs, he stands out of the team and the card is passed exactly as before.
  • The performances by the teenagers are highly entertaining and engaging.
  • You can judge the best performance and award the winner.
Pass The Bows

Things Required
  • Bows
  • Divide the teenagers into two teams of equal numbers. The first person in each team wraps his right arm around the left arm of the next person. In the same way, the entire team is held up. The funny part is that no one is left with any hand free.
  • The first person has to take the bow and pass it to the next person without using his hand. Subsequently, the bow is passed to the entire team. If at any point the bow falls, it has to be lifted and passed without using hand. This scene is awful as the whole team needs to bend to lift the bow as all are inter-connected. In case, the chain breaks the bow is given to the first person and the game is started again. So, it is important that the chain does not break under any circumstance.
  • The team to finish the passing of the bow from the first person till the last is the winner of the game.
Christmas Carol Charades Relay

Things Required
  • Pieces of paper
  • Pen
  • Bowl
  • Write down the popular Christmas Carols on the pieces of paper. Fold the paper and put them in a bowl.
  • Divide the teenagers into two teams of equal numbers. The first person from one team comes up and picks a paper.
  • He should convey the carol to his team only gestures without uttering any word. Allot time for each participant. If his team is able to guess the carol right within the prescribed time, the team gets a point. The team then sings the carol together.
  • The team with the maximum point is the winner.
Note: Some of the popular carols which you can use for the game are "Jingle Bells", "Deck the Halls", "Here comes Santa Claus", "Silent Night", "Joy to the world", "We wish you A Merry Christmas", "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer".

Snowman Under the Chin

Things Required
  • Small snowman dummy
  • Whistle
  • Divide the teenager guests into two teams of equal numbers.
  • The first person of each team has to hold the snowman under his chin. With the blowing of whistle, he has to pass the snowman to the next person without using his hand.
  • The snowman has to be passed in the similar way till it reaches the last person. The team to complete it first is the winner of the game.