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Are you organizing a Christmas party and looking for some funny Christmas party games for groups? Read the article and get going!

Christmas Party Games For Groups

Christmas is for everyone irrespective of class, race and nationality. It is a special time of the year when the rich and the poor are all on the same page of celebration. Every household decorate their houses in the best possible way and plan to arrange Christmas parties. Christmas parties are all about lavish feasts, lots of decoration and fun-filled activities. Activities like games are an integral part of Christmas parties and help in lighting up the spirits of the people. Choosing the right party games for groups can make you pull your sleeves as it requires considerable imagination and creativity from your side. You have to take care that everyone in the group takes part in these games and have their share of fun. To get some inspiration for group party games, you can use the popular TV shows or movies. Keep in mind that the games chosen by you should be comfortable for every one and surely should not be displeasing any one. Given below are some Christmas party games for groups that you can use in your parties:

Funny Christmas Party Games for Groups

Celebrity Hunt
This is a very funny and addictive game. The rules of the game demand everyone in the group, excluding you, to write the name of a famous person or character on a piece of paper. Now stick this paper to the forehead of the player on his/her left and check that the concerned person does not see the name. The next step includes making a list of events and activities related to these famous people on a chart. Place this chart on the wall so that it is visible to every guest. This chart will offer the required clues for the participants to make the right guesses. Here the game begins. The first player goes on to ask everyone picking up cues from the chart as to who he is. If the cue he provides with meets with a YES, he can go forward guess or pick another cue. If he gets No as an answer, the next player gets the turn. The person who first makes the guess, as to who he is, is the winner.

Pass It On
It is a simple and interesting game that involves little luck but group coordination. The participants are required to sit closely in two lines looking towards the same direction. Now each person sitting in the front of the lines will roll the dice. Whenever a person gets a six, both the participants will pass a small object to the participant sitting behind them, who will further passes it on until the object reaches the end. When the object reaches the last two persons, they will get up and run to the front of the line carrying the object and sit down. The participant, who sits down first, will sit in the front of the line whereas the person coming second will go back to his respective place. The line that rotates from back to front first will win the game.

Pass the Stocking
It is a really simple game and can be played by a small group. To play this game, fill a Christmas stocking with a few Christmas items and tie it with ribbons. Give the participants a piece of paper and a pen to write with. The participants will sit in a circle and write their names on the top of the paper given to them. Now the host will have to pass the stocking to the first player, who will touch the exterior of it and make guesses about the items inside the stocking. The player will then pass the stocking to the next player. Each player will write the guesses in the paper given. In this way every player will touch the stock and write his/her guesses. Now, the host will collect all the pieces of paper from the participants and will reveal the items in the stocking. He will then read out the guesses made by players. The player with maximum number of right guesses wins the game.

All Tied Up
"All Tied Up" is a funny game that is applicable for all age groups. The game involves two teams of eight players each forming two separate circles. Now the host will give a ball of red twine to the first team while a ball of green twine to the other team. On receiving signal, the first participant on each team will start winding himself with the twine and then will pass the twine to the next player in his team. This process continues until a team has finished winding themselves with twine. The team to wind themselves with twine first is the winner.