World Of Christmas
Play the exciting ‘Pass the Bows' during Christmas and have a blast this year while attempting to finish the game first. Read on the instructions given below.

Pass The Bows Game

Christmas is one of the most widely celebrated festivals all round the globe and transcends all barriers of customs, traditions, language and even religious beliefs. Due to its secular nature, people belonging to both Christian as well as non-Christian beliefs observe the festival. The entire season is an attempt to spread the message of love and affection and is spend amidst merry-making, fun and gaiety. To amplify this general mood of happiness and celebration, people organize parties and get-togethers and decorate their homes with shiny ornaments and tinsels. Traditional Christmas dishes are cooked, carols are sung, and friends and family meet in order to spend some quality time together.

The entire festival is like a never-ending gala of fun and celebrations and the enthusiasm never wanes. Every year, the essence of the festival unfolds and presents itself in new ways constantly reminding us that every new day brings with itself new experiences and new ventures. One way of getting into the true spirit of the season is by organizing different types of games and contests. A variety of Christmas party games and plays are present but the one game that tops the list and has never failed in entertaining the crowd is ‘Pass the Bows'. The game is very simple to play and does not require any prior preparations or arrangements. Read on to know how to play Christmas Pass the Bows game.

How To Play Christmas Pass The Bows Game
  • Divide all the participants equally in teams of 5 to 10. After this, all the teams are lined up side by side either by sitting or by standing next to each other. The more the number of players, the more fun it is to play the game.
  • The game organizer then explains the rules and regulations of the game. A table containing 10 Christmas bows is placed on one end of each line. At the other end, a table or stool is kept where they can place the bows.
  • Each player is then asked to hold the right wrist of the player standing to their right and this has to be done using their left hand.
  • Now, at the start of the signal, all the teams must pass the bows from one end of the line to the other end. Once all the bows are passed to the other side, the teams must start again to pass the bows back to the original position. If, while doing so, the bow falls, the participants should retrieve it while still being connected without breaking the continuity of the line.
  • The team which completes this task first wins the game and is declared as the winner. This game is really fun and entertaining to watch. You will surely get a good laugh looking at the amusing things that the participants does when they try to pass the bows from one corner to the other in a hurry.