World Of Christmas
This Christmas organize some interesting games in the office among your colleagues. Read the article to get some exciting office Christmas party games.

Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas gives an excellent occasion for the employees to relax from their daily hard chores and spend a memorable time with each other. Many times, they come to know their working partners better at these parties and this help in creating a better environment. When organizing an office Christmas party, you need to have some games which should be both entertaining and engaging. Prepare for the pre-requisites before hand and make each of the employees know the rules of the game properly. Make each of them participate, though you may find convincing the reticent ones difficult. We bring for you some games which can be played conveniently by everyone at your Christmas party. These are more of team games which will make everyone to involve and have fun.

How To Organize Christmas Office Party Games

Where Is Santa's Hat

Things Required
  • Santa hats
  • This is a casual game which goes through entire Christmas celebration. Bring traditional Santa hat for each of the employee.
  • As soon as they enter make them wear these hats. Tell them that they need to wear the hat throughout the party. Whoever removes the hat even for a fraction of second, will be out from the game.
  • The person to retain the hat till the end of the party is the winner of the game.
  • The game is not as simple as it appears. It is very obvious that during the course of party, people will forget about the game and may lift the hat or remove it occasionally. Catch them at that time and so the number of participants goes on decreasing till one is left out. The person who has the hat on his head for the maximum time wins.
Guess My Name

Things Required
  • Paper pieces
  • Pen
  • Scissor
  • Cloth pin
  • Write the name of popular recipes, characters, elfs, reindeers etc all related to Christmas, on finely cut square piece of papers. Choose only those names which are well-heard and common.
  • Pin a paper with a particular name on back of each of them. Once you have pinned all of them, ask one of them to stand in the front with his back faced to others. Let all see the name tagged on him clearly.
  • Now the person with the tag has to guess his name. For this he can ask questions to others. But the condition is that he can ask only yes or no questions.
  • Allot two minutes to him to guess his name. Set a stopwatch to keep the time limit.
  • Repeat the game with all the other people. Whoever gets his name right in the allotted time is the winner.
Drop Your Pin

Things Required
  • Wide-mouth jar
  • Whistle
  • Small baubles.
  • Divide the employees into two teams with equal numbers on each side. Make them stand in two lines. Give a bauble to each of them.
  • Place a wide-mouth jar a few feet away from the first person in the line.
  • On the blowing of whistle, the first person from both teams has to walk towards the jar with the bauble placed in between their knees.
  • He should not drop the bauble anywhere on the way. If in case it is dropped he is required to return back to the starting point and begin the game again. When he reaches the jar, he needs to put the bauble in the jar without touching the bauble or jar. 
  • Once he has successfully dropped the bauble in the jar, he has to turn back and return to his original place.
  • Then the second person goes through the same steps as above. The team which is first to drop all the baubles is the winner of the game.
My Better Half

Things Required
  • Gift wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • A roll of tape
  • Ribbon
  • Box
  • Table
  • Divide the people into pairs. Ask them to stand around a table.
  • Give every pair a piece of gift wrapping paper, scissors, a roll of tape, a colorful ribbon and a box. Do not give them glue as this can simplify their work.
  • The players in each pair have to put their one arm around each other. They need to play the game just with one hand.
  • As the sign for start goes off, the players have to wrap the box with the gift paper. Since they are bound together, one of the player can use only his left hand and another his right hand.
  • The pair who is first to wrap the box neatly is the winner of the game.