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The gift-wrapping race is a great idea to spice up your Christmas party this year. Given below are the instructions on how to play this exciting and funny game.

Gift Wrapping Race Game

Christmas, apart from being a spiritual event, is also a great time for socializing, fun, and enjoyment. It goes without saying that parties are important components of any Christmas celebration. They are means by which all the family members, friends and relatives can get together and enjoy the true spirit of the season. A Christmas party can be organized by any of the following - a family, a church, friends, a school, an office, or any other organization. Such parties are a great way to unwind and break free from monotonous routines and schedules. Songs, dance, feasts, and competitions are held and there are ample opportunities to enjoy by all people irrespective of their age group and beliefs. A particular attraction during any Christmas party is the innumerous games that are held to spice up the get-together. This includes a wide range of funny and exciting games like icebreakers, passing the parcel, picture charades and Christmas memories. However, one particular game that is very popular among the masses is the ‘Gift Wrapping Race'. This game gets all the more better if you can get the kids involved. Children always love games with high energy levels and having a gift-wrap relay race is a great idea. Read on to know how to play gift wrapping race game.

How To Play Christmas Gift Wrapping Race Game

Materials Required
  • Loads of Christmas wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A box for each participating team
How To Play
  • Divide all the children in groups of four. You can make it more festive by naming the groups "Santa", "elf", "reindeer", "snowman" etc.
  • Now give a wrapped gift box to each of the teams. Now brief them on the rules of the game.
  • Keep the wrapping sheets, tapes, and tinsels, on a table or on the floor at some distance from the participants. This area is referred to as the ‘gift wrap station'.
  • As soon as the game starts, a participant from each of the team has to run to the gift wrap station, unwrap the gift, wrap it up again and run back to label another member from his team.
  • The group whose all members wrap the gift before the others wins the race. You can further spice up the game by allotting different prizes to each team like best teamwork, best creativity, wildest creativity, and neatest package.