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This is an interesting game which involves efficient recalling of things. Read out to know about the procedure to play Christmas memory game.

Christmas Memory Game

Christmas brings with it the season of celebration and festivity. Christmas party becomes more interesting and exciting when games are organized in it. Games are entertaining and engaging not only for children but also for the adults. There are, of course, separate games for different age groups. However, there is no denying the fact that, some games are popular with people of almost all age groups. One such game is the Christmas memory game which can be amusing to children, teens as well as adults. The game is simple yet amusing and brings out an air of race in the gathering. This game requires a good number of participants. Since it is a memory game, it is preferable to classify the participants as per the age group. In this article we bring you the procedure for playing the game.

How To Play Christmas Memory Game

Things Required
  • A tray
  • Christmas related objects – cookies, candies, ornaments, star, wrapping paper, candle, Christmas tree craft, snowman, Santa Claus dummy etc.
  • Take a tray and put the Christmas objects on it. Take care that you do not repeat any material. Arrange these things in such a way that each of them is visible and not overlapped or hidden by others.
  • Give a paper and pen to each of your guests. They will need them to note down the things.
  • Show the tray with the objects to your guests and let each of them have a thorough look. Keep the tray for viewing about 10-20 seconds.
  • Remove the tray and place it somewhere out of the sight of guests.
  • They need to note down the things whichever they remember on the tray within the allotted time. You can set a stopwatch and allot 2-3 minutes for the things to be noted down. Set a stopwatch and allot two minutes for writing the things.
  • Collect the notes from your guests. Bring out the tray once again and show it to your guests. You can see them making funny expressions by finding out by themselves which things they have left out.
  • Give mark to the notes. Whoever gets the maximum guesses right is the winner of the game.
Alternate Tip
  • You can keep more than one number for the same material. And then assign the task of recollecting the things as well as count the number for each of the things. This will make the game more complicated and increase the pressure of the game.
  • You can also ask your guests to note down the colour of the objects which they see in the tray. For example, colour of the stockings, star, wrapping paper, candies etc.
  • In case you are organizing the game for your teenager or adult guests you can make it more puzzling and funny. Do not give them pen and paper at the start of the game. Once you have shown the things, your guests are sure to concentrate in remembering them. Now divert their mind from the game by indulging them in some other activities like offering them some delicacies or showing them your decorations. When you are sure that they have almost forgotten about the game, give each of them paper and pen and ask them to note the things they have seen in the tray. This will be a difficult task now and you will find them in absolute bafflement. The game will become more amusing with the sight of everyone struggling to recall the things.