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Wondering what to gift your loved ones this Christmas? This Christmas, be different and try your hands on edible Christmas gifts.

Edible Christmas Gifts

It is Christmas season and you are nervous again about making choices. It is a great responsibility as you want everyone to be happy when they open their presents. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person then you will love this idea as it is like getting an audience for your art. Even if you are not good with culinary skills, it's perfectly alright because there are a number of scrumptious options available in the market. Buy some good stuff and pack that in a jar and brag about preparing it yourself. The choices can be anything from spices to sugars, from wines to syrups and sauces. Possibilities are endless when you are thinking food. Here are a few options of edibles you can treat your friends with.

Edible Christmas Gifts Ideas
  • Chocolate truffles will make for a great gift. These small balls of chocolate can be a nice gift if you want to satisfy the sweet tooth of your friend. You can mix a number of varieties of these and put them in a box. Let them keep guessing.
  • Having a Christmas barbeque at your friend’s place this winter? There can be no better gift than giving him a nice homemade barbeque sauce. If you have forgotten your grandma’s recipe for that, then do not worry as there are a number of varieties available in the market which will do the job.
  • Do you remember what cheered you up in an instant after a long hard day? Let us remind you. A bowl of hot fudge did the job. So what are you thinking? This can be a nice gift too. Buy some from the market and gift it to your loved ones. They will be delighted.
  • If you are good at culinary skills, then preparing jams for your friends will not be that difficult for you. Gear up and make some of that vibrant colored jam with your own hand or get some from your nearby farm fresh mart.
  • Creating soft candies with caramel was something the French were good at. But pralines made out of nuts and sugar is quite popular now days. Get a few packs of different varieties of pralines to gift your friends.
  • If your friend has a taste for liquors, then you can try gifting him homemade liquor named Limón Cello which is quite refreshing and soothing. If you don’t have time for preparing some, then you should know that these also come bottled and are easily available at liquor stores.
  • You can also gift your friend Sachertorte, which is a European preparation more like a chocolate cake. This is a sumptuous treat and can not be resisted.
  • A pack of different spice rubs can also be a great Christmas gift as these tastes different from the rich traditional edibles.
  • Giving away a basket filled with chocolates and other savories is also a good gift. Select a playful basket that captures the carnival spirit of the holiday. It is guaranteed to appeal to the people who are young or at least young at heart.
If you have some other Christmas recipes which you think you can gift during the festive season, then don't hesitate. Start cooking. You will be surprised to see the appreciation you will receive.