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How about giving the gift of laughter in this Christmas? Read the following article to know about some really funny Christmas gag gifts.

Christmas Gag Gifts

Christmas is a festival of fun and frolic activities. It is a special time when everyone is expected to be happily spreading joy and laughter. But there is a good size of population that remains stressed out with their unfinished work and worry about bills and money in this special occasion. They can't stop bothering about their Christmas party arrangements and sometimes argues with their relatives and friends. For those people who have forgotten the basic reason for celebrating Christmas, it is the time to remind them that Christmas is an opportunity to spend peaceful and memorable time with family and friends. It is the time to have some pranks and laughs with the help of gag gifts. Gag gifts are perfect ways to have harmless fun with friends and relatives and make everyone burst into laughter. After all, laughter is also a gift. Given below is a list of very thoughtful and equally funny Christmas Gag gifts for the serious people around you:

Funny Christmas Gag Gifts

Flying Barnyard Chicken with Sound
It is a very funny gift for Christmas and can be funnier if you put it in the Christmas stocking of someone you know. This flying chicken can be shot to a distance of 50 feet and makes a squawk.

Electric Shock Sweet Jar
This is a funny and a little "shocking" gift for your friends. The person who opens the lid of the jar will get a mild shock which will make everyone else burst into laughter. Keep in mind not to give this gag gift to a person with weak heart condition or children below 14 years of age.

Backwards Clock
It is a really funny gift for a colleague in office. This Backwards Clock, as the name suggests, goes backwards and will surely make the receiver laugh. This clock, being moderately priced, will not be heavy on your pocket.

Radio-Controlled Spiders
How about shocking a close female friend with this ultra realistic and creepy Tarantula? The 6.5 inch spider can be radio controlled to move in any desired direction. You can move it from under the bed of your friend and can make her scream. Once you reveal the truth to her, she will burst into laughter.

Shattered Window Baseball
This Christmas gag gift is so realistic that it appears as if someone has really smashed the glass window of a car or a house with a baseball. The owner of the car or house will be really angry to see this and will probably start yelling at you. But once you reveal the truth to him, he will burst into laughter and will appreciate this gift.

Groucho Fuzzy Nose and Glasses
A very considerable Christmas gag gift for some friend of yours who is little concerned about his/her looks. It can be little insulting at first but will eventually bring a sweet smile on the face of the receiver.