World Of Christmas
Unusual Christmas gifts are exceptional ways of making your guests feel special. Read on to know some tips about unusual Christmas gift ideas.

Unusual Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the season of exchange of cards and gifts. People organize parties at their homes and invite friends and relatives for a gathering. You must have exchanged several traditional gifts on Christmas like food gifts, gift basket, candle set etc. Try doing something different this Christmas and gift your loved ones something unusual. You can gift anything of your guests' choice and decorate it to give a Christmas look. Gifts are expected things on Christmas but if these are different from the normal traditional items they become much more impressive. We bring you some of the unusual Christmas gift ideas which will make an excellent surprise for your guests.

Unique Christmas Presents

Christmas Coupons
With the coming of Christmas, you have a dozen things to shop for. You can gift your guests with shopping coupons which they can utilize for shopping during Christmas. Put the coupons in a small bag with a cut-out of Santa Claus pasted in its center. You can also fill the bag with cookies and candies or may be with some flowers.

Trip packages
If you want to gift a guest who had always been there for you, something special, a tour package will sound interesting. This, of course, is an expensive gift and can be presented only to limited number of people. Make your guest feel his/her importance in your life by presenting a trip voucher to him/her. Find out a place, which he/she had been longing to visit for a long time. Then book the ticket and a short holiday package to the place to surprise him/her on Christmas. Wrap the voucher with a bright red ribbon and glue a small star on the envelope to mark it as your Christmas gift to your guest.

Electronic Gifts
Electronic gadgets are an integral part of today's life. These can make an unusual Christmas present ideas. Mobile phones, IPods, calculators, irons, mixers, music systems and cameras are quite affordable. Have knowledge about your guest's choice and present them the electronic goods accordingly.

Designer Clothing
Personalized designer clothing with Christmas theme can be another good choice for unusual Christmas gift. Purchase apparel from a brand of your guest's choice and personalize it by imprinting short messages to convey your feeling. You can also print Christmas messages on these clothing or can be more innovative to put some funny messages on it.

Designer Jewellery
If you are gifting a lady, jewellery stands second to no other option. Gift a ring, necklace, bracelet, key ring and such items to see her receiving it with full pleasure. You can ask the shop for engraving the initial of her name in the ornament, which will make it more personalized. You can put the ornament in a small basket with full of candies, cookies and her favorite flowers and gift her on Christmas. Wrap a red ribbon around the basket to lend a Christmas look to the gift.

Hobby Gift Basket
Find out your guest's favourite hobby and gift him a basket with the stuffs of his hobby. Your guest will not only be surprised but also extremely touched by your concern and care. If, for instance, your guest loves gardeneing, present him a rare plant like a flowering cactus, evergreen flowering plant etc. Suppose, he is a passionate golf player, gift him/her a personalized golf ball and tees. Even, the membership for a golf club is an excellent gift idea to please him/her.

If your guest has an artistic blend of mind, think of presenting him a lovely painting with Christmas theme. You can paint it by yourself or can buy one from any store. Make sure you get a painting with Christmas subject like Santa Claus, reindeer, elf, snowman etc. Go for some unique paintings which have these themes but have a distinct treatment of the subject-matter.

Christmas Memories
Share some precious memories with your loved ones this Christmas. You can re-cherish the memory of a special event with your near and dear ones. You can make a collection of photos from your guest's childhood, frame a picture you took on vacation with your guest, make a scrap book, create a personalized map with markers showing the locations you've been as a couple or as a family, and many other such things. You can also frame the picture of your last Christmas with your guest and write a personalized message on it. These gifts will refresh your golden memories and strengthen the relations.