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Wondering how to surprise your brother-in-law this Christmas? Try our Gift ideas and make a difference. Happy gifting!

Christmas Gift For Brother-In-Law

Christmas marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. Symbolised and eternalised in pure white snow, mouth-watering wafts of cookie and the delectable aroma of special food, Christmas is a day for love, for peace and a day for gifts. It is the day when everybody is somebody - somebody who desires and deserves the best that Christmas can offer by way of respect, love and of course, gifts. Christmas is a festival of gifts. A day when you can't afford to ignore even a single soul around you. No wonder that the Friday and Saturday before Christmas are ranked the two busiest shopping days of the year in the West. The general idea is to make everyone happy and content and what better way to make people happy than giving them exactly what they desire and more. After all as Burton Hillis puts it, "the best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other". However, the catch is to ascertain the best possible gift for all the people who matter. And though deciding Christmas gifts for our mommies, daddies, siblings and friends is a relatively easier game, figuring out gifts for extended family members is considered nothing short of rocket science. And the task assumes all Herculean proportions when the family member in question is a brother-in-law. However, with a little time and interest, you can end up being your brother-in-law's favorite in-law this Christmas.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Brother-In-Law

Know Thy Brother
The chief reason behind our dilemma regarding gifts for the brother-in-law stems from the fact that we tend to know very little about him. The key is to get to know him better. Understand that unlike your siblings, your brother-in-law did not have the privilege of growing up with you. So spend time with him in an effort to know him. Spending a little time with your brother-in-law will help you come up with excellent gift ideas for him.

Need Assessment
The more you hang around with your brother-in-law around the house, the more you will notice the things that he needs - things that can easily be turned into Christmas gifts. For instance, if he is a fix-it-all type and believes in mending everything himself ranging from tube lights to the car, then a pocket Swiss knife or a car-repair kit could be precious gifts. If he is forgetful then a digital diary to keep a track of his meetings, phone calls and more specifically anniversary and birthdays could be ideal.

The gifts could also be recreational and in-sync with his general interests and hobbies. For instance, an X-Box for a gaming type would be as well received as camping gear and other sporting goods for the outdoor type. Or if he already has a PS3 or X-Box, you can add on to the collection by gifting him more games.

If you are dealing with a highly image and looks conscious person then gift vouchers to a favourite salon or beauty hut would be a good option. A general day of relaxation at a popular spa or some other beauty treatment will also be well received.

Some other general options could be:
  • Gift certificates from online shopping portals or favourite retail chains.
  • Oil portraits depending upon his choice of genre.
  • Christmas decorations like topiaries and decorative shrubs.
  • Dinner vouchers for favourite restaurant.
  • Music instruction and practice manual to suit his interests in any kind of music.
  • Books by favourite authors or of favourite genres to match with the festive mood.
They say "gifts aren't special, your intent is". With all these gift ideas and your special intent, you will surely surprise your brother-in-law with a gift that will get you the best Christmas gift acknowledgement - a loving smile.