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Christmas Angels Gifts in Style

Christmas Angels are the most interesting part of the Nativity scenes and play an important role in Christmas celebrations. A star-shaped angel guided the Three Kings to Jesus and back to their homelands; another angel warned Joseph of the coming calamity and Herod's orders to kill children under the age of 2 and advised him to flee to Egypt with the mother and child in time; yet again, Christmas angels informed the family when they could return safely to their homeland. Angels are believed to be prolific in Christmas art and music. And angel pictures are a common part of almost all the popular and domestic arts. Christmas angels attract the fantasies of young children and are considered sacred in all forms.

Archangel Michael has his special church festival while Christmas angel ornaments; figurines, pictures and guardian angels jewelry are classic Christmas gifts and party favors. Angel pictures grace many Christmas cards in which they are shown hovering over Christmas nativity stable. Angels have been popular subject of Christmas music throughout the world and medieval dramas frequently depicted Nativity angels. Both classic and modern movies show angels as an intervener in the lives of the movie characters. Thus, they catch the fancy of the little kids who dress up in white angel robes as Christmas angels for seasonal holiday dramas. In Europe, angels are a part of groups of boys who go from door to door singing Christmas carols and songs and getting treats in return.

Angels are believed to keep record of children who have been naughty or nice throughout the year and bring gifts for the good ones. According to an Irish folklore, Virgin Mary sends angels each Christmas Eve to wake up children and lead them to heaven to sing a carol to the Christ Child. Children return to their beds before morning and chosen children are considered lucky. In Latin America and the Philippines, people dress up as angels and take out street processions reenacting the journey to Bethlehem. Heavenly angel figurines are parts of popular home decorations while angel ornaments are often used to decorate Christmas trees and gifts. Gold and silver guardian angel jewelry are said to remind us of the fact that an angel is watching and safeguarding us.