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Are you in the middle of the shopping mall thinking what gifts to buy for your friends? This article will help you select Christmas gifts for friends.

Christmas Gifts For Friends

Are you getting the early Christmas shopping jitters again because last Christmas your gifts sucked big time and your friends are a bit perplexed if you even know them? Yes, knowing your friend is the key ingredient while selecting a gift. But, there are a few things which are liked by everyone like wine and chocolates. So either play safe by getting your friends these cliche gift items or start something new this Christmas. You can always go for a cliche gift item, but adding a hint of your wit to it will make it a much better gift than the curling iron which you were going to gift your punk friend. If money is not an issue you can always gift your friend, who by the way is your friends' girlfriend, an expensive diamond bracelet and sweep her off her feet. But, that can be your friends plan this Christmas. Here's a dummies' guide for selecting Christmas gifts which might come in handy.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends
  • A photo frame will be a great gift for your friend this Christmas. You can put in the photograph that you took during the last holiday together or the last ball game you went to.
  • Coffee mugs personalized with your picture or the initials of both your names will be a great gift. You can also gift a decorative mug to your friend as there are a number of these available easily at the stores now days.
  • Collectors’ stationary items are unique. Adding a book of your friend’s favorite author to it will make it a much better gift.
  • Make a small gift basket and add a number of things to it. You can always include chocolates, cookies, cakes, cards, candies, perfumed candles, etc. Your friend is going to love it.
  • Personalized Towels can be a good gift idea. If your friend is married, gift the couple a pair with the initials of their names embroidered on it.
  • Clothes are a nice option as everybody likes nice clothes. But this can be risky if you don’t know much about the size of the person or their taste in apparel.
  • As it is Christmas, you can mix a CD for your friend with a number of Christmas oldies accompanying his or her favorite tracks. Also, add any track which you think relates to both of you. This will not only lighten up his mood, but will also bring you guys closer.
  • If your friend is a game freak, then gift him a couple of game tickets for his favorite team’s performance and he will be bragging about it the entire week. But in case your friend doesn’t have much interest in sports, then the best option will be to gift him movie tickets or tickets to a concert that he/she was planning to go to.
  • Times are changing and everyone wants to remain updated with the latest technology. So if you know what particular gadget your friend needs, it becomes really easy to gift something special to him. Possibilities are unlimited when you think of gadgets. Gift him a portable music device, car stereo system, GPS unit for his car, etc.
  • If your friend has a taste for liquor and has a small bar or wants to set a small bar at his place, then gift him something which will help him. Gift him a wine stopper, an instant wine chiller, set of pub glasses, cocktail shaker, etc.
  • If your friend is a fashion freak and likes to stay updated, then you can gift him/her the latest piece of jewelry, like a nice bracelet or a ring.
Gifting is an art which can be perfected, but with effort and practice only. Hence, don't lose heart if you were bad last time. This time your gifts will certainly create ripples!