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Food gifts are an ideal choice to present your guests this Christmas. In this article, we bring you some Christmas food gift ideas.

Christmas Food Gift Ideas

Every festival has some special foods of its own and Christmas is no exception to this. There are several homemade food items, which are typical of Christmas. Some of the most popular among them are Christmas cake, cookies, Christmas pie, candies and pudding. When it come to gifting your guests, what can be more satisfying than the mouth-watering foods? In addition to this, if the foods are homemade, the appeal becomes much more effective. Everyone loves food gifts may it be a kid, teen or an adult. Food titillates one's taste buds and leaves a wonderful impression. If you want to give food gifts to your guest, just make sure you find out their likes beforehand and then gift them accordingly.

The custom of exchanging food gifts on Christmas is an age-old practice. There are several typical food gifts available in the market, which are extremely popular among the people. ‘Blueberry Muffin Mix in a Jar', ‘Christmas Stolen' made of dried and candied fruits, nuts, and spices, ‘Nut Relish Condiment' and ‘Cranberry Sauce Cake' are some of the widely used Christmas food gifts. Delicious Christmas food gifts like ‘Peanut Brittle,' ‘Peppermint Brittle' and, ‘Gourmet Gift Bucket' offer a wide array of titillating taste of great chocolate flavor. Apart from these Christmas food gifts, traditional Christmas fruitcake, light-fruited breads, Gingerbread, mincemeat and mince pies, Christmas plum pudding, sugarplums, and different variety of sweet chocolate candies are widely used as great lip-smacking Christmas food gifts.

Tips For Christmas Food Hamper
  • If you have old but exquisite jars then you can use them this Christmas for giving food gifts to your guests. Paste colorful wrapping paper around the container to give a new attractive look. Fill the bottle with a variety of cookies and chocolates. Once the bottle is full, tie a red ribbon on its neck in a fashionable style.
  • You can buy some airtight plastic and tin containers and then pack dry cookies into it. Cookies like short breads, cupcakes, fudge brownies form ideal gifts, and are loved by almost everyone. Take care that you keep crisp and soft cookies separately so that the crisp one retains its brittleness.
  • If you are gifting homemade cookies wrap them in glittering papers and put in a glass bottle. You can also freeze the cookies before packing in order to preserve its freshness.
  • Another attractive way of presenting the food gift is by putting the food items in a basket. Take a basket and cover it with tulle or wrapping paper. Tie a ribbon around it or at the handle to give a Christmas look. You can fill the basket with fresh fruits, cakes, chocolates, peppered jellies, soybean snack nuts, and blueberry jams. You can decorate it further by using dry flowers and Christmas ornaments.
  • Dry fruits can be another good choice for the food gift. Take a collection of these fruits and place them in a colorful basket with a card. Write a short personalized message on the card. You can also put a transparent plastic wrapping over the fruits.
  • If you want to gift wine or champagne, just tie a red ribbon around its neck and present it to your guest. This simple decoration looks elegant and graceful.