World Of Christmas
Christmas is a great time to strengthen the official bonding with your boss and express gratitude. Read on to get some enticing tips on what to gift your boss this Christmas.

Christmas Gift For Your Boss

So many queries come to our mind while planning a Christmas gift for our boss. This decision have always agonized employees for years and needs a lot of thinking and rethinking before settling on a final conclusion. A number of factors should be kept in mind while deciding on a gift for a boss. It is not an absolute necessity that you should purchase an expensive and luxurious gift. The very gesture that you have considered him in your list of Christmas gift will be highly appreciated. You should also keep in mind that the gift should never be suggestive or embarrass your employer in any way. Also, avoid any kind of practical joke or gag. Always remember that presenting a Christmas gift to your boss is an expression that symbolizes genuine care and gratitude and is not an effort to flatter or to be overly special in his eyes.

What To Gift Your Boss This Christmas

This is one of those gifts that never fail to attract an employer especially when you know that he is an avid reader. However, before deciding on what books to purchase, try to find out his tastes, his likes and dislikes. Once you decide on the theme, you can easily choose from a wide range of commercially available books. As for example, if your boss likes golf, you can present him with the latest edition of ‘Tiger Woods' range of golf books. This will surely delight him and he will sincerely appreciate the effort that you took to purchase his Christmas present. What better, you can even present him with a book voucher so that he can choose his own title.

Personalized Golf Balls
If your boss is an ardent golfer, then one of the best things that you can gift him with is his own personalized set of golf balls with his name on them. It is sure that your boss will be definitely touched by this gesture and will never forget what a great employee he has.

The Christmas Basket
Do you remember how much fun you had when you were gifted with an assortment of different items? You can use the same concept if you are looking for a great Christmas gift for your boss, one that will definitely make his day. Varieties of options are there to choose from. Pre-made Christmas gift baskets are easily available in any local stores and also from different online retailers. You can also craft your own custom-made gift basket containing a blend of different items like Christmas fruit cakes, pies, cheese, pastries, cookies, coffees and even tea mixes. You can also include a nice bottle of wine (red or white depending on his preference) wrapped in a gift wine bag along with a nice and crafted bottle opener.

Photo Frame
Depending on the choice of the boss, you can craft a pretty photo frame and add a painted sketch or a nice photo of your boss into it. You can even take it one step further by gifting an entire album capturing all the wonderful moments that you all had in the office together, of the general working atmosphere, the meetings and even the office parties.

Desk Planner
Help your boss keep everything planned in a systematic manner by giving him a desk planner for a Christmas gift. Pick one with interesting photos and motivational quotations to keep him inspired during his working hours. You can also handcraft a personalized planner containing pictures that you took in the office.

Music CD's
Who will not love to receive a collection of one's favorite music CD's? However, this requires prior research in order to determine his taste in music. If the choice is unknown, you can also gift him a voucher from a popular music store.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also choose from a wide range of other gift items like puzzle games, lucky plants, a beautiful study lamp, a nice muffler, or even a lovely bouquet of aromatic flowers.