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Here, we are providing a list of the top ten/ten best Christmas gifts. Know more about the 10 popular Christmas gift ideas.

Top Ten Christmas Gifts

Gifts are special messengers that carry a message that someone holds a special place in your heart. It is this emotional attachment that makes gift an important part of all celebrations. As, some great person said, "It isn't the size of the gift that matters, but the size of the heart that gives it". Yes, anything can be a gift, if given with a loving heart. But, living in a world where trends change frequently, selecting a trendy gift is sometimes nerve-wracking. Electronic gadgets, one of the most sought-after gifts, have become the most difficult thing to select as newer versions crop up even before one could wear down the old one. So, it is better to know the current trends before getting a gift for your beloved, so that your gift is remembered forever. In this article, we are providing you with the top ten Christmas gifts of this season to make you aware of the latest trends in Christmas gifts. Explore!

Ten Best Christmas Gifts

Apple iPad 2
In a world in which a new version of electronic gadget is released almost every day, you might be re-thinking on gifting an electronic gizmo to your beloved this Christmas. Though there are multitudes of gadgets available, some of them stand out for their quality and unparalleled technical superiority. Apple iPad is one such gadget which can be one of the best Christmas gifts this season. Let your beloveds enjoy smart technology on the go.

If you are ready to be a little extravagant, then LCD TV is a good gift option. If you have a big budget, then an LCD TV will make any other gifts by other people look pale in comparison. LCD TV makes your regular television viewing a pleasing experience and also provides a perfect platform for 3D games.

Samsung Galaxy SII
Is your dearest a tech savvy? If yes, Samsung Galaxy S II will be the most appropriate Christmas gift for him/her. With its Dual Core Application Processor, Slim Design, PC-like Web Browsing, Full HD Recording & Playback and many incredible features, it makes your gift stay close to his/her heart.

Tablet PC
Is your friend using the same old desktop PC even now? Surprise him/her with a new tablet PC on this Christmas and just watch your friend become speechless. With many unique features like rotatable touch screen, gifting a tablet PC will ensure that he/she cherish this gesture forever.

If you are looking for a gift for a special person who is a travel enthusiast, then nothing can be a special than a good binocular. Rest assured that it will make your friend one happy person.

Gifting Happiness
If you want to gift a person who is a sport lover or a music lover, then a game or concert ticket will be the best gift that you can give. What else can be a good gift than some quality time of happiness?

Limited Edition
Limited editions are special on their own. It provides the recipient with a feel of being gifted with something which is uncommon and valuable. There are many options available from watches and jewelry to book and pens.

Personalized Gift Hamper
Personalized gift hampers are perfect Christmas gifts for your beloveds. It also affords the luxury to pick a gift within your budget limits. If you want your hamper to be exclusive then opt for Swiss chocolates, vintage wines, a voucher for a complete spa package or a bottle of champagne. If you have a limited budget, then pack dry fruits, chocolates, Christmas cake and any other goodies.

For A Foodie Beloved
Nothing other than food can make a foodie happy. If your beloved is really a foodie, choose a good food hamper filled with goodies like jam, preserves, chutneys, cookies, cakes, dry fruits and other yummy delights. This is surely going to be a delightful gift!

Floating Book Shelf
Have you ever noticed your bookworm of a friend getting pissed off while arranging his books because of the limited space in his apartment?Then gift him a floating book shelf that takes off his/her worry of keeping books neat and safe, forever.