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Gifts for girlfriends are extremely essential. Take a look at the following write-up and get ideas on Christmas presents for girlfriend.

Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend

Girlfriends are special beings-they nag, they whine, they demand and just when you think that you can't take them anymore, they turn into these alluring, understanding divas that you simply can't resist. Of course, this coy demeanour only lasts long enough to re-tangle you with your girlfriend, post which, the nagging starts again; but that is beside the point. The point is that our beloved drama queens, overtly dramatic as they are, do take special care of us. They worry when we worry, they take care of finer things and although they tend to hate our families, and single-mindedly abhor our friends, they don't really mean them any harm. They strive for our attention and spend days deciding what gifts to get us for all special days, which are decidedly better with girlfriends than with anyone else. So, taking Christmas as a reason, make you girlfriend feel special and pampered for all the goodness she has brought to your life. Get her chuckling with genuine laughter by giving her exactly what she wants-your attention and a lot of gifts.

Christmas Presents For Girlfriend

Mrs Santa
Valentine's Day is cliched and asking-out anniversaries are old news! Now, it is Christmas which is considered ideal for proposing marriages. So, dedicate this Christmas to the better half of Santa Claus and do the one thing that people don't generally associate with Christmas-propose marriage. To make things even more memorable, take her to a skiing trip this winter break and propose her in the midst of pure-white snow. No points for guessing that the gift here would be a beautiful gold ring in a pretty, little velvet box.

Along Came A Memory
For a girlfriend who remembers all small things about the two of you as a couple, and constantly cribs that you don't care, a Christmas Memory Box is ideal. Find a beautiful gift box, line it with silk-fabric and keep all photographs of the two of you from all past Christmases, dried petals of roses you have exchanged (fake some if you don't have the actual ones! :-P), her favourite coloured tinsel, some Christmas ornaments she absolutely adores and a letter telling her how Christmas is special because she is with you. Cover the contents with silk and wrap the box beautifully.

The Classy One
For a girlfriend who believes in staying classy and likes everything elegant, you might want to think practically. Give her a Christmas-basket full of her favourite cosmetics or get her some designer Christmas candles for her room. You can also book her an appointment at her favourite spa or salon and gift her a day of pampering.

Romantics At Heart
For romantic girlfriends, you can always get romantic novels, cosy night lamps for their bedside and, depending on the intimacy you share, even a gorgeous piece of lingerie would be great.

If nothing else works, you can always buy her ponchos, sneakers, woollen hats and denims etc. Even an instant coffee-maker would impress your coffee-fan girlfriend. While tickets to an opera or theatre, for the both of you, would stimulate the artsy type girls, tried and tested gifts like chocolates, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings never fail to charm all of them.

Take a few cues from our list and make sure that our Christmas gift ideas are complemented with a lot of genuine feelings from your end. Have a lovely and romantic Christmas this year! Merry Christmas!