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Bestow an exquisite basket upon your guests with attractive hampers on this Christmas. Read on to find some wonderful Christmas gift basket ideas.

Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas is the festival of gifts and parties. People decorate their houses with lights and ornaments and invite guests for a grand party. They exchange gifts and share happy moments together. When it comes to gifts, almost everyone goes through the quandary about what to gift and the best thing to gift. The prime thing about gifting is that it should be unique and should have personal touch. Any gift, which conveys one's emotion, is worth a million. Among the dozens of available options for Christmas gifts, baskets are an all-time favourite. You can either use old baskets or can even be innovative and make some by yourself using some readily available materials. If you want to make a basket of your own, you can do it using a large terra cotta plant pot, pasta bowl, tin can. Recycling the old worn out baskets is also a feasible option. Just a little bit of artistic touch on these dull things and you get a fancy basket to aptly convey your feelings to your guests.

Tips for Making Christmas Gift Basket
  • Take the base material to serve as the basket. This can be anything, which serves as a container. You can use the plant pot, tin can or the worn out baskets.
  • Paste red or green wrapping paper over the entire surface of the base material.
  • Glue some attractive Christmas ornaments on the surface to make the basket glittering. You can also spray glitters all over the surface for a shining texture.
  • Tie a bright red or green ribbon around the center of the basket. Attach a Christmas bow and card to the handle of the basket. Write short personalized message on the card.
Tips For Christmas Basket Theme Ideas
There are innumerable things, which can be kept inside your Christmas basket to make a perfect gift. Almost anything, which you can lay your hand on, can serve as the filler for the Christmas basket. However, the choice of things depends on the person and the relation you share with him. Have an idea about your guests' liking and then accordingly fill the basket. This will make your gift more effective and successful. It is always preferable to use red or green filler in the gift basket. This can be purchased in the form of shred, tissue paper, or raffia. We bring you some tips to help you in deciding the stuffs to pack your basket with.
  • Whatever the occasion may be, flowers are always the convenient yet elegant choice. The rule stands true for Christmas too. Fill your baskets with red flowers with glittering Christmas ornaments in the spaces between the flowers.
  • There is hardly anyone who does not love candies and cookies. Fill your basket with wrapped Santa or other Christmas chocolate candy and homemade baked cookies.
  • Christmas and candles are so inter-linked that they are almost like synonyms. You can pack candles of various shapes and colors in your basket and present to your guests. Scented candles and other decorative lights are another excellent option.
  • You can create a great combination of colors in your basket. Fill the basket with glittering colorful Christmas ornaments and insert pinecones and small silk poinsettias in between. Candy canes and Christmas cookie cutter with neatly tied ribbon can give an awesome look.
  • You can flatter your girl friend with some make-up items in the Christmas basket. These items can range from a Clinique's mascaras or Olay's Moisturizer. You can even gift them their favorite shade of lipstick or gloss. Don't forget to tie a red ribbon at the handle which can stand as for Christmas as well as for your love.
  • If you want to put in things, which can be used for everyday use, think according to the sex and age of the person you are going to gift it with. For example, if you want to give the basket to a lady, purchase an oven mitt with a Christmas theme. Place wooden spoons, a rolled tea towel, or other kitchen items straight into the mitt. If it is for a man, you can go about with a red or green barbecue glove and fill it with tongs, a spatula, basting brush, etc. For kids and teens, toys and playthings with candies and cookies make a good gift.
  • Dummies of Santa Claus and snowman are loved equally by children and adult. Pack your basket with one or more of these and decorate the remaining space with silk flowers, floral sprigs, buttons, ribbons, and decoupages.