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Indulge in Christmas Mischief. Read more to find some popular Funny Christmas gift ideas.

Funny Christmas Gifts

Christmas is time for fun and little mischief! Add fun and humor to your Christmas gifts this season. Choosing a funny Christmas gift is the perfect way to lit smiles on faces of your dear ones. Just in case if you are thinking, it's definitely not for your boss! Your gag / funny gifts are for those friends and relatives, who love cracking jokes and won't be offended by your humor. Funny Christmas gifts are available in large variety ranging from backwards clock to dancing Santa! The great thing about these gifts is that they are inexpensive and can serve as a great prize to your party Christmas games. So, you can have a lot of fun with your friends and family for just a few bucks. Here are some of the popular Funny Christmas gifts, you can choose from and indulge in Christmas mischief!

Christmas Gag Gift Ideas
  • To start with, gift a funny Christmas card. You can choose from a wide variety of cards available in the market. Pick up the card, which you feel suits the best on your audience. This funny or humorous Christmas card can be followed with a funny gift!
  • The holiday season is the time to tap your feet on to that wonderful music. Santa is no different! There can’t be anything more funny then gifting Dancing Santa toy to your dear ones. They will dance and make you roll with laughter. Dancing Santa toys can be your funny gift!
  • This funny gift is for your female friends and relatives. Women are often fond of painting nails and then take special care to get them dry. Here is a gift to save them from trouble. This funny gift is Blow Monkey Nail Dryer. After painting nails, place them in front of the blow monkey and they will be dry next second. This cute yet funny gift will amuse your friend.
  • A perfect gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, who makes you wait for hours! This Christmas, gift all those who are always behind time, Backwards Clock. It is an authentic clock but just a bit different. The numbers on the clock go wrong way, the hands move backward even the second hand moves backwards! This funny gift is perfect for Christmas humor.
  • You can opt for toilet humor, which is very much popular during Christmas season. Choose from Santa toilet seat covers to Santa shower decorations. To add more humor to the Christmas spirit, you can gift Sudoku toilet paper. This will make sure that your friend doesn’t get bored in toilet!
  • You must have heard about stingy Scrooge from ‘A Christmas Carol’. This wallet is a perfect gift for those Scrooge you know, from friends, relatives to coworkers. This wallet is sewn shut, which surely conveys a message to your friend along with serving as a funny gift! So, choose this humorous Christmas gift this season.
  • A jar filled with Sweets is always tempting. However, what when you try to remove the lid and receive a mild electric shock. That’s called Electric Shock Sweet Jar! Christmas leads to overdose of sweets. It’s a perfect gift for those who have gained some extra kilos. This funny gift will tell them it’s time to work out!  But remember that this funny Christmas gift is not suitable for kids under 14.
  • This is one is an all time favorite! Take a small gift like a candy or a small candy cane. You can even choose from pencil, eraser to a notepad. Wrap these gifts in a amusing way using comic strips, toilet paper and magazines. Pack the gift in multiple boxes. This will give an appearance that you have arrived with a big gift but appearances are quite deceptive!
  • On this day, Santa doesn’t disappoint anyone. You shouldn’t disappoint your friends and lit a smile on their faces. A lump of coal is another funny gift you can choose for! Gift-wrap it in a beautiful wrapping paper and adorn it with a red ribbon.