World Of Christmas
Go green this Christmas and present your loved ones with eco-friendly gifts. Listed below are ideas for green gifts.

Green Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time to share gifts and learn values. With growing awareness of pollution and global warming, many people are looking for eco-friendly gifts for Christmas. A desire to use biodegradable, recycled, and organic material is very strong in people who believe in going green. It's a great time to put to practice your environmental thoughts. Changing your lifestyle to living green will automatically become a natural way of life with practice. Presenting gifts made by using natural products is a great idea. Well it will take you some planning to present green gifts, but it will surely make a powerful statement of your values and beliefs for clean environment. With a little imagination and skill, a green gift can be found to suit everyone on your list. In fact, people love to receive a handcrafted or a homemade gift as it shows them the amount of effort and love that has gone into it. There are numerous gift ideas, which are functional, easy to make, fun, and ecofriendly. This Christmas go green and make a statement.

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas For Christmas
  • Present a basketful of your own grown vegetables and fruits as gifts. You can also buy them from your local organic shop.
  • You can present a bonsai tree in a handmade shallow container or earthen pot.
  • Bird seeds packed neatly can be presented to those who love bird watching.
  • You can make crafts by choosing papers and materials, which are ecofriendly. Use bits of paper, odd ribbons and use your creativity to make fun Christmas gifts.
  • You can make flowerpot from clay and paint it with earthen colors.
  • Gift a decorative piece made by gathering roughage from your backyard garden. Collect leaves, pine cones, dried flowers and arrange them in a basket, a flowerpot, or a jar.
  • You can gift worm farm or a household compost to dispose of Christmas food scraps or leftovers.
  • You can make your own gift boxes from tissue, juice cartons, and cereal boxes. You can use these for packing small and large gifts.
  • You can present green gifts such as long lasting incandescent light bulbs or a recharging battery pack for Christmas.
  • Present Jewels made by hand from seashells, beads, pottery, and anything found naturally will surely impress the women folk during Christmas.
  • You can make a bouquet of freshly picked herbs or dried ones like bay leaf, parsley, thyme, oregano etc and pack it in bags or muslin scraps.
  • Present plant holders made from bamboo.
  • Make your own wooden picture frame for the perfect gift. Insert a photo, or a painting made by you or your child.
  • Gift a picnic basket fully stocked with homemade and organic treats.
  • Use your culinary skills and bake homemade bread with fresh herbs. Treat your guest or gift them.
  • Present fun bags made out of worn out clothing. Cut them into shapes of fancy sizes and shapes and sew them together. Make it more special by adding fancy items.
  • For centuries, people have been using bath oils to soften the skin and as perfume too. You can combine oils of your choices and discover your own fragrance. Fill them in jars and bottles with strings and ribbons attached to it. Present it with dried herbs.