World Of Christmas
Show your dad how special he is for you by gifting him something personal that he would cherish.

Christmas Gift For Dad

"Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad". And Christmas is festive because of daddies. They may not go round the barn trying to catch the fattest chicken for dinner but they do make sure that our Christmas feasts are replete with those fat turkeys and chickens. So, this Christmas, get your father a little something that says "Merry Christmas Papa!" and does him the kind of justice he did to you on all those fishing and camping trips. There is a plethora of choices in this genre that you can look into and make a decision according to your wallet. And please, for once, don't buy him that game which, you know, would eventually land up in your prized collection. Christmas is not a time to play those cheap tricks (You always have birthdays and anniversaries for that! :-P). Take a look at the following Christmas gift ideas for your papa, dad or father-whatever you call him-and make his Christmas as bright as he has made yours.

Christmas Gifts For Father
  • Surprise daddy, this Christmas, with a classy golf set. You may also gift him the membership of his favourite club and see him turn into a Santa for the evening. (Ulterior motive is to get yourself a BIG gift!)
  • Dads, who keep up with fashion and always like being prim and proper, would love you for the wine bottles and/or cigar boxes that you’ve planned for them. Add in a crystal wineglass set that matches his mini-bar and voila! Your daddy is the happiest in world.
  • If your dad is classic old-school and loves resting next to the fireplace, then you can make his rest a tad bit more comfortable by gifting him a leisurely armchair this year.
  • For the braniac father, who always pestered you to play interesting games to develop your gray matter, an antique wooden chess set could be a wonderful gift. Even classier versions of scrabble, or any other game your father is fond of, can make for very thoughtful and intelligent gifts.
  • And then, there are the cars. All men love their cars like no other car exists on the planet. You can help daddy decorate (or enhance) its look by getting him the accessories he has always wanted.
  • For the mushy dad (and broke kids!), a handmade photo frame with photographs pertaining to his life as a youngster, or his life with the family, or his life only with you can make for a brilliant gift. Convert this into a slam-book, take those pictures that show him in funny or naughty situations and get the whole family to write something about him.
  • Oh, and this one is classic! Record his favourite Christmas carols in your voice on a CD, include a few funny and loving lines for your daddy along with the lyrics and see the grin on his face when he listens to it. You can also make a video of either some of his silly and funny or touching moments. Add an appropriate commentary to it and play this tape for him on Christmas.
Aforementioned is a healthy mix of funny, sweet and practical Christmas gift ideas for fathers. Take a cue from them and make this Christmas special for him. Don't forget the start and end the special day with a heart filled, "Merry Christmas Papa!"