World Of Christmas
Make your Christmas celebrations a blast from the past by decorating your home and Christmas tree in an old-world, rustic country theme. Read this article for some helpful ideas for rustic Christmas ornaments.

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Christmas generally reminds us of an array of dazzling lights on houses and shops and Christmas trees looking like creatures from outer space with all the bulbs twinkling on them! No doubt, such decorations have beauty but if you add a touch of rustic charm to them, your Christmas tree and house can certainly stand out from the crowd. Christ was born in a countryside stable and led a simple life without the excesses of the wealthy. So taking a cue from his life, you can invoke a Christmas spirit, which is simple yet spiritual through your Christmas ornaments styled with a rustic look. Rustic Christmas ornaments also take us back in time to when life was a lot less complicated and demanding. The best part about these ornaments is that you can look inside your attic and utilize old stuff or buy the cheapest of stationery and make your ornaments from them. You can always get ready-made ones also. Given here are a few ideas for rustic Christmas ornaments.

Ideas For Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Stars And Bells
For a western country touch, you can buy barbed wire star-set. These may be used as wall hangings or on the tree. Stars made of natural woven vine are also available and look wonderfully earthy. Similarly, you can find bells made of rusted metal with figures painted on them can found in various sizes. You can even make these with old tin cans.

Animals/Angels/ Snowmen
Animals such as reindeer, sheep, etc, made of resin are available and can be used as table decorations. You can even get laser cut metal ornaments in the shapes of animals, angels, snowmen etc. You may even get resin made angel/snowmen hangings wearing plaid fabric scarves. These can be used as ornaments on the tree.

Pine Cones And Twigs
Look for pinecones and twigs in your backyard to make authentic looking rustic ornaments. You can string the twigs, pine cones together, and hang them on your tree. You can add some glitter or spray paint the cones for a different color. Pinecone arrangements can also be used as Christmas centerpiece or as candle bases.

Birdhouses And Nests
Rustic birdhouses are made of wood and give a western cabin like feel. They look weathered and worn out. You can hang them on the Christmas tree, on a wall or on the door. The nests should look realistic and you may pick up abandoned nests from your backyard or buy one made of grapevine.

Calico Fabric And Raffia
Use of calico fabric to make hanging loops for your ornaments lends them a western cowboy feel. You can also make bows and tie them on the tree branches. Similarly, use of raffia wire for making bows or simply adding them to the other ornaments gives them a country touch.

Rustic baskets made of grapevine; wicker or segrass look wonderful as table centerpieces. Small sized baskets can also be used as ornaments on the Christmas tree. Wire basket covered with artificial moss is another option, which is available.