World Of Christmas
Go green this Christmas with your decoration and make a statement. Check out some eco friendly Christmas ornament ideas in this article.

Green Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a season of decorations and lights. You love your decorations but at the same time are thoughtful about the negative impact it has on the environment; then don't be confused and go green this Christmas season! In fact, they cost far less and look elegant, or even better! Green Christmas decorations need not be frightening or boring. Large scale festivities result in Christmas excesses, and create pollution. You can reduce this by doing your bit by using reused and recycled material for your ornaments. Involving the whole family in using recycled stuff and not spending hours in malls buying fancy and plastic items will surely be a good way to the greenest Christmas ever. By making a few simple lifestyle changes with a bit of effort and a lot less money, you can green up your Christmas. Recycle used material for your green Christmas ornaments and reduce environmental pollution in your own small way.

Eco Friendly Christmas Ornaments
  • Instead of using garlands made from plastic, use natural flowers, cranberries and popcorn to decorate your tree.
  • Slices from citrus fruits and ginger bread men can be hung from the tree. You can use items from your kitchen like nuts, dried fruits and macaroni to make a garland or decorative ornaments.
  • Use a living plant outdoors with seeds, nuts and other seasonal fruits which can be fed to the local wildlife.
  • Wreaths can be made by using simple, re-usable, wire form. You can use evergreen clippings collected from the wild, or your own backyard. Adding berries would add a great effect.
  • Using low power small lights which consume a fraction of electricity can be very eco friendly. Each series or string of lights also lasts longer.
  • You can use metal ornaments or recycled glass items transformed into decorative objects with a great deal of imagination and creativity.
  • Use recycled circuit boards or CDs for funky and good looking hanging decorations. They will look fabulous on your tree with their shiny metallic glint.
  • Hang some handmade and knitted soft toys. You can also buy them at local arts and crafts markets where they use hand spun wool or fabric, and vegetable colors.
  • Use needle and thread to make a popcorn garland. Once the Christmas hurly burly is done with, hang the popcorn garland on the tree for birds to eat. Do not add salt.
  • You can light up soya based candles with essential oil scents under the tree.
  • Use reused wrapping paper or newspaper for making colorful crafts that can merrily hang away on the Christmas tree without the additional weight.
  • Make an organic herbal Christmas wreath from thyme, aniseed, cinnamon, lavender, dill and a wide variety of flowers.
  • Cut old t-shirts into stripes and make an unusual rug or a ball out of it to decorate the tree.
  • You can use old cards as decorative pieces or gift tags. Simply cut around the images you like and make holes on one side of the images. Use the hole to tie ribbons through. Use it as decorative hangers or gift it to your loved ones.
  • Consider using old toys that have been passed down from older children and carefully stored up somewhere for years. It will not only save you money but will also be eco friendly.