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Make your Christmas a real beady affair, with friends and family decorating your tree with handmade beaded Christmas ornaments.

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

"Paint me with colors; red, green and white. Make me shimmer and dazzle like the bright morning star, let me brighten your life with the joy you put in making me, because what good is Christmas without a beautiful tree!" its Christmas time! Everyone's most favorite time of the year, a time where you shop till you drop for all your loved ones, and are neck deep in presents and always awaiting a couple more. The most important thing, which truly defines the spirit of Christmas apart from the presents of course, is that beloved tree which you painstakingly decorate. It is also the most fun activity as you have your entire family pitching in with the decorations. One way of making the entire decorating activity even more fun, is by making different beaded Christmas ornaments. You can line up all your young ones, and watch them have a time of their life doing beadwork. The best part about beads are that they are available in varying sizes and colors and offer a wide range of options as far as the material is concerned. You can use crystal beads, glass beads, fusible beads, plastic beads and even beads made of elk rib bones if that's what you fancy. Some of the popular beaded ornaments that you can make are listed below.

Ideas For Beaded Christmas Ornaments
  • One of the simplest things that you can make is a beaded candy stick. All you need for it is beads of any color and a 4-inch wire. You can loop the wire at one end to make it look like a candy stick and then insert the beads in, so that they are closely packed. Once the entire length of the wire is covered knot the two open ends of the wire. These candy sticks can be quiet a delight for young ones. Use vibrant colors to make them look attractive.
  • Beaded snowflakes are also quite popular; they can accentuate the entire tree, if Swarovski crystals are used. Swarovski crystals will make the entire tree shimmer magically. If Swarovski crystals are out of your budget you can always use other kinds of beads like regular glass beads, or plastic beads. Snowflakes can be made easily as preformed snowflake shaped wires are available.
  • If you are someone who likes elaboration and would want your entire tree to be beaded then you can make a beaded Christmas tree. This however means that you are a pro when it comes to beadwork, as this is a very complicated project. For best results, however use flat seed beads.
  • When it comes to your Christmas ornaments, if you are someone who likes to make a statement by creating designs which are completely new then also available in the market is the “ bead creator 5- personal edition”. It is one of the best software’s for creating beadwork designs, and offers you the freedom to unleash your creativity.
  • Various beadwork kits are also available, that tutor you and help you make all kinds of beaded Christmas ornaments from simple ones to highly complex ones. They can be bought according to your budget. They can be bought either online or in a local crafts shop, as they are easily accessible.
  • Beading as such is a fun filled activity and you need not restrict yourself to only beads when it comes to Christmas ornaments. You can buy miniature angels and string them together or you can buy miniature birds and do the same. These long strings of birds and angels can be hung around your Christmas tree and will make your tree look extremely pretty.