World Of Christmas
Christmas is a time to decorate your Christmas tree with beautiful ornaments. Check out a few ideas for Christmas tree decorations.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is a festival of celebrations and a time when you are surrounded by plenty of reminders about that! The red bows and colorful streamers in the department store of the windows, the red and green Christmas colors adoring restaurants and cafes, the stars and lightings on the houses, malls resounding with Christmas songs do not just remind you but yell at you that its Christmas time. The family gets together and your mom pulls out a Christmas tree wanting to be decorated. Everyone squeals in delight, dying to decorate and hang ornaments on it. Every year you decorate it and this year is no different. You start your search for the colorful star, the light bulbs, handmade ornaments and the fancy hangings peeping out from everywhere when you didn't need them! Your treasure hunt may end up with some items in good condition while others have to be replaced. Well then read on for ideas on Christmas decorations and ways to make them. Hang them on your Christmas tree and take pride in your creativity.

Christmas Tree Ornaments Crafts

Christmas Ornaments From Toys

Materials Required:
  • Old or new toys
  • Hooks
  • Ribbons
  • Drill
  • You can use toys, stacked in the storeroom, or those that you get free with happy meals.
  • Tie some of them with ribbons, and hang the others with hooks.
Kids and elders would both love to see your toy pets floating on the Christmas tree.

Golf Tee Desk Ornament

Materials Required:
  • Golf tees
  • A golf ball
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint optional
Steps To Make
  • Firstly, warm the hot gun glue by plugging it in to a power socket.
  • Spread the glue on the bottom of the tee and attach the tee on the golf ball. Start gluing it all together.
  • Stick the tee from the top down so that it is evenly attached to the ball. There may still be small gaps left in some places, but will hardly be noticed.
  • If you want it to be colorful, paint it from all sides though it might take a little patience to flip it around.
Snowman CD Ornament

Materials Required
  • Old unwanted CDs; 2 CDs will be required for each ornament.
  • 2 graphics of snowman
  • Glitter snow
Steps To Make
  • Stick 2 CDs together in such a way that their shining sides face outwards.
  • Next, apply glue on snowman graphics and stick them on each side of the finished CD, covering the hole, too.
  • Sprinkle the glitter snow around the glue-lined edges and in places where you wish imitate the look of snow.
  • Let the material dry; your snowman CD ornament is ready!
  • You can hang it with a ribbon or a string to your Christmas tree.
Homemade Beaded Pear Christmas Ornaments

Materials Required
  • 5 inch Styrofoam ball
  • 3 inch Styrofoam ball
  • Small leaf
  • Gold beads
  • Small twig piece
  • Gold straight pins
  • Glue
Steps To Make
  • Cut your 3 inches Styrofoam ball into halves.
  • Remove some of the filling from the inner parts of the ball. This ball needs to fit properly to the other larger ball to form a pear shape. Once the cut balls are ready to fit, hold them together with glue and allow them to dry completely.
  • Make a hole through the top center of the ball using a small piece of twig 1 inch long. Apply the glue in the ball and insert the twig keeping ½ an inch of the twig exposed. 
  • To make the ball look like a real pear, create a small indent at the bottom center part of the ball.
  • Now start from the top of the pear, place a bead in a pin (the pin-cushion variety), and push the beaded pin into the ball. Continue this until the entire ball is covered with beads.
  • Make a mixture of one part of glue and one part of water. Holding the ornament from the twig, dip your entire beaded ball into this mixture. Drain the excess glue from the ball; gently press all the beads in place with wet hands.
  • Place your ornament to dry on a wax or plastic paper, or completely in the open.