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Quilted Ornaments are unique and make a great gift and decoration item for Christmas. And making quilted ornaments is a real fun, check out for quilted ornaments ideas.

Quilted Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a special season for friends and family get together and to share their love and affection by giving gifts. There are so many different things that can make this season a very special one in a year. There is a feeling of enthusiasm and bestowing in the air. There is refreshing music that helps you recognize the worth of life. There are also special decorations that help us get into the Christmas spirit. For decorations many unique ornaments are used. Quilted ornaments also make great gifts and decorations for any occasion or season. Many of these ornaments are made with layers of fabric and ribbon, as well as other materials, to create a fantastic masterpiece. One thing to be noted is that these unique quilted Christmas ornaments don't only have to be placed on the tree, but can also be displayed in many different ways -on a table, on a closet door or a regular door knob, on your mantle and in many more ways.

Ideas For Quilted Christmas Ornaments
  • Quilted balls are the most famous quilted ornament. These are Styrofoam balls wrapped with pieces of fabric in a quilted pattern. Sewing is not required here; just place all the pieces on the ball with regular dressmaker pins. The pattern is worked on both the side of the ball and then fabric or ribbon is glued around the ball to cover the edges. Give a nice finishing touch to the ball by using a perky bow on the top and a piece of ribbon for a hanger
  • Christmas stockings are used to decorate the Christmas trees and are also used as hangouts. Most quilted stockings have a unique look in most cases, where you can easily identify it's quilting. On the other hand, various other interesting patterns depending on the color, theme, and great design can also be used.
  • Traditional quilted stocking displays a very traditional Christmas look which includes Christmas colors and designs to celebrate the season. For those who love the quilting look, this style always works.
  • Jeweled Christmas stockings are probably most favorite and aesthetic among all the quilted Christmas stockings. The neutral colors make them a great addition to your Christmas decor as well great look.
  • For making quilted ornaments you can use any fabric available at home or else buy outside. You can attach crystals, beads, pearls, bells etc. to the fabric by hot gluing them.
Additional Tips:
  • When adding new pieces of material make sure, you start your new piece where the other piece left off, so that you don't have gaps of Styrofoam.
  • If the fabric doesn’t stay tucked into the Styrofoam then you can use a small amount of glue to make the material stay inside the Styrofoam.
  • It will be better if you trim the pieces of fabric as you go on because different quilted section can be of different sizes.
  • Make sure you are not tucking a lot of excess fabric into the Styrofoam because it could damage the ornament. Just tuck in the ends of the material.