World Of Christmas
Take a moment of the festival to strengthen the family ties with surprising Christmas decorative. Read this article to learn about Christmas card ornaments.

Christmas Card Ornaments

Christmas! "The very word brings joy to our hearts. No matter how we may dread the rush, the long Christmas lists for gifts and cards to be bought and given; when Christmas day comes, there is still the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that enfolds our hearts and our homes." says Joan Winmill Brown. The best decoration for Christmas is decorating you with a smile. Christmas ornaments are unique decorative pieces that are rich in color and details the decoration with a lot of depth therein. They are a traditional way to make the festive mood colorful. Glitters, balls, bells, rings, gifts and goodies and what not! All the Christmas ornaments symbolize the splendid surprises of life packed secretly and bring in a lot of hope and wishful desires bestowing hearty memories all through the year. Christmas cards or holiday cards wishing us good health and rejoice are just too good to cast them away. Here is one way to use them to make great Christmas ornaments. Read through this article to get to know some fun Christmas card ornaments.

Christmas Card Ornaments Crafts Ideas

Glitter Ornaments
Cut down a circle from a card and make a hole for strand; apply glue just about the edge and sprinkle some glitter upon. Hang your new ornaments with card garlands for a fascinating tree.

Build a garland by using disks cut out of cards with a circle punch. Attach them to heavy string with stickers; to make sure they're secure and scratch with a craft stick.

These aerial ornaments are a breeze to make. Cut a card into thin strips about 20 approximately. Pile the strips and punch holes through both ends with a punch hole. Insert a paper fastener into each hole. Bend the pile into a C shape facing outwards, and move the strips apart so they spread out to form a globe. To string it up, take decorative thread and wind it around the paper fastener several times starting from the middle, then knot ends.

Locking Circles
Two circles fit closely together to form one ornament. Cut two disks of identical size from a card using a circle punch or drawing a round object and cutting with scissors. Cut a slit halfway across each circle. In one circle, punch a hole near the border opposite the cut with a punch hole. Hold the disks so that the slits face each other. Slide the slit of one disk all the way into the other, thread string through the hole, and tangle them. Finally color them with some holiday colors and let them dry so that you can hang them on your Christmas tree or the doors or murals.

Ball Ornaments
Take Christmas cards and cut 20 disks of identical size and by using a triangle template of the size, which fits exactly into the circle and mark the edges from the backside and fold them towards the front along the edges of the triangle to create flaps. Glue all 60 flaps together to form a ball. Punch hole in top and thread with a thread to hang. You can use a glue-glitter pen to make holiday designs on the ball ornament.

Card Hanger
Cut out circles with holiday designs on the Christmas cards, stick it to sturdy cardboard circles slightly bigger than these circles, and stick them together. Apply glue to the edge of the circle, sprinkle some silver or golden glitter powder, and let it dry. Tap off the excess glitter. Punch a hole on the top and string them with a tape or ribbon to hang them as an ornament.