World Of Christmas
Make your Christmas a dazzling affair, Decorate your Christmas tree with glass Christmas ornaments and make your Christmas a truly magical one.

Glass Christmas Ornaments

There are some days in a year for which you wait with a maddening impatience, as there arrival brings back all that was pure and innocent and transcends you to a world where magic seems like an everyday affair. Yes! Christmas has arrived, that ecstatic time of the year where every moment is filled with fun, where presents are galore and there is laughter in the air. It is the time when houses overflow with the choicest of delicacies and we are all in the mood to "make merry" in the very words of Father Christmas. Santa Claus is awaited impatiently so that we can grab those precious presents and rip them apart with delight. The one thing apart from the presents that enhances the fun of Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree. It is that fun filled activity, where you scourge around the house for last years booty of decorations, and in some cases spend an extra buck to make that tree look as beautiful as it possibly can be. In your quest for perfection glass Christmas ornaments contribute a great deal and have become an integral part of Christmas. The story goes that sometime in 16th century, in Lausha Germany, a poor German glass blower named Hans Greiner couldn't afford to buy the traditional Christmas decorations, so he made small fruit shaped glass baubles and decorated his tree. People loved his creation so much that they began asking for it and it soon turned into a full fledged industry. They became so popular that Queen Victoria had her tree decorated with Lausha glass ornaments and an American businessman F. W Woolsman imported the glass baubles to U.S.A. This eventually led to mass production and people all around the world began to make glass baubles. The different types of glass ornaments that you can use to decorate your tree and give it that extra zing are listed below.

Glass Christmas Ornaments Crafts
  • The most popular one of them all is ‘the Christmas ball’ also known as the bauble. It is the spherical decoration that makes your Christmas complete. It is available in various sizes and colors and due to its simplistic nature you can enhance its beauty at home with leftovers from the previous year, where the empty glass ball can be filled with any material of your choice, from colored feathers to shiny beads.
  • Christmas pickles are another popular glass decoration; they are shaped like an actual pickle. A popular Christmas game associated with the Christmas pickle is that the person who finds it on the tree gets an extra present.
  • Glass snowflakes can also be used to decorate your tree; the blue snowflakes are especially popular. They have a cool blue haze and are sprinkled with glitter. They make your tree shimmer with an enigmatic radiance that makes it look magical.
  • The Christmas star on your tree top can also be made of glass. Based on your budget you can have an expensive swarovski crystal star or a blown glass star. If you are inclined more towards the artistic side then stained glass Christmas stars are also available.
  • The glass ornaments can also be personalized by engraving the names of the family members on multicolored Christmas light bulbs or on a glass snowman.
  • Personalized glass stockings are also available, the glass stockings have wonderfully sculpted gifts on top, and the recipients name is engraved on to the stocking.
  • The glass ornaments can be either bought for wholesale, or if you are in the mood for indulgence and believe that a Christmas ornament is something you would like to pass on for generations then there are various artistes who display their work and you can buy exquisite pieces from them.