World Of Christmas
The concept of theme-based Christmas party is very popular these days. You can make use of the Christmas party theme ideas given here.

Christmas Party Themes

The concept of theme party has caught on these days. Right from birthday parties to wedding parties, everywhere we see themes being used. So, how can Christmas party be left behind? This year, instead of the usual party, throw a theme Christmas party. Christmas party themes add to the excitement of the celebration and bring some thrill into the party. You can pick any theme for your Christmas party; from the simple color based ones to the elaborate movie based ones. Make sure that you tell all your guests about the theme of your Christmas party in advance, so they come prepared for it. In this article, we have provided a few ideas for Christmas party theme.

Medieval Theme
Base your Christmas party on medieval theme this year. Giving the medieval look is not at all difficult. Give your party room the look of a cellar and create the perfect ambience with the help of flickering lights. Make sure to tell your guests to come dressed like kings, queens, knights, etc.

Movie Theme
Base the entire theme of your Christmas party on any famous Christmas movie, like 'Nightmare before Christmas' or 'The Grinch'. See the movie for getting a complete idea about the decorations, costumes, music, etc.

Humorous Theme
Christmas is the time to celebrate and have lots and lots of fun. What better way to enjoy yourself than through a humorous theme? Make the party room look like a circus and have all your guests dressed like clowns. The party is sure to be lively and cheerful. This theme works the best for kid's Christmas party.

Christmas Carnival Theme
This year have a Christmas carnival on your party, complete with the parade and stuff. Leave it upon the guests to dress up as per their likes and dislikes. The most common costumes are those of Santa Claus, Christmas tree, Snowman, etc.

White Christmas Theme
All of us would like to have a white Christmas, with the entire town covered in a blanket of snow. Even if you don't have snowfall around Christmas, you can still celebrate a white Christmas by making it the theme of your Christmas party. Ask all the guests to come dressed in white color and decorate each and every thing, including the Christmas tree, in white.

1940s Theme
Make the decade of 1940s the theme of your Christmas party. To get a complete idea, watch some old black and white movies.