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Add a special touch to partying for Christmas by creating personalized party favors yourself. Read further to know some easy-to do homemade party favors for Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Party Favors

The winter season is on and brings in a lot of joyous moments and spreads happiness with the arrival of Christmas. What takes us closer to get the true spirit of Christmas is the snow, the lights, the colors, carols, stockings, cakes, cookies, decorations, parties and cheerfulness all over. Surprising your beloved ones with bashing parties, fun celebrations and gifts, preparing varieties of delicious delicacies, party favors so on and so forth are the ways to enjoy the Christmas holidays. One of the most significant aspects of party planning is to decide upon the party favors. Christmas party favors are not just gifts; it is the way of showing your love and appreciation for the close ones to make each of them feel special. These helps your loved ones enjoy the festivities even after the celebration is over. Creating your own Christmas party favors allows you to stipulate the designs and intends your creativity. Creating the personalized party favors at home also builds double excitement and enjoyment. They are simple and easy-to-do and inexpensive. Once you get knack of personalizing the party favors, then you may never go back to purchasing them again, so from this year you can start collecting some craft supplies, which you think might help you to get aesthetic for the next Christmas season and make it even more interesting. Here are some simple and easy-to-do party favors for this Christmas. Read through this article to know more.

Personalized Christmas Party Favors

Santa Caps
Get some red satin cloth. Cut them into squares, of length and breadth 20cm each and stitch them in conical shape and finish by sticking a white cotton ball to the tip. This has been an all-time favorite party favor.

Chocolate Treat
Prepare homemade chocolates and pack them in metal boxes. Cover each metal box in glitter paper and tie them with satin ribbons and write the guest's name or initials on top of it using a glue-glitter pen.

Unique Christmas Ceramics
Buy few plain ceramic plates, mugs or cups and get artistic by painting Christmas patterns on it using acrylic colors two days before you want to gift your guests. Allow to dry them for 2 days and pack well in a newspaper as a first level packing and finish it with a glitter paper and paste a rosy sticker on it to represent their name.

Cookie Delights
Prepare yummy Christmas cookies at home and pack them in gold and silver foils and place them in a cute cane basket and pack the basket with a transparent sheet and paste few satin springs on the top.

Attractive Fridge Magnets
To prepare fridge magnets, buy few small round magnets much prior and keep. Take some photos of the people you are gifting. Make small squares or circles out of cardboard and stick the photos on top. The photo should be cut in the same shape as of the cardboard. Stick the magnet behind the cardboard and there you go!

X-mas Tree Treasures
For this you need to have large green craft foam, colored craft foam for decoration and lollipops. Cut the large green craft foam into two large triangles. Cut one triangle vertically into two equal halves. Paste them on either sides of the other triangle perpendicularly by holding them tight vertically. This takes the form of a Christmas tree. Decorate them with cut colored craft foam and poke the lollipops into the Christmas tree. Place this set up a centre table in the party area.

Sweet Treat
Take some long socks or stockings and put assorted candies, cookies, cookies, chocolate bars, nuts and dry fruits, candy canes and so on not it. And hang them around; finally surprise them with the same. This serves as a decorative and a favor.

Magic Reindeer Dust
Magic Reindeer Dust idea is not only unique but also inexpensive. Pour a desired amount of oatmeal, colorful glitters and sugar and mix them well. Pour them into a bewitching transparent gift pouch. Now write the Magic Reindeer Dust Poem in a small paper given below and roll the paper and put into the gift pouch. The poem goes like this: "Make a wish and close your eyes tight, Sprinkle this on your lawn Christmas Eve night, As Santa and his reindeer roam, this sparkly dust will lead them to your home, the reindeer will love their oatmeal snack, while they are waiting for Santa to come back."