World Of Christmas
Christmas is the time for fun and frolic for kids. Read more to know ideas for organizing a wonderful school Christmas party.

School Christmas Party Ideas

Starting from evergreen Christmas tree, aroma of cookies in the air, singing of Christmas carols, to anxiously waiting for Santa Claus and then the excitement of unwrapping the presents under the Christmas tree defines the spirit of Christmas Season. Do you remember those childhood days, when you helped your mother in preparing for Christmas? Hanging gilded apples and walnuts, hundreds of red and blue tapers on your Christmas tree and at that very top fastening a glittering star. Lights, decoration, delicious food, surprises, gifts and parties enchanted you. Anxiously waiting for Santa Claus to arrive added fun to the festive spirit! How beautiful it was! Those childhood memories are still vivid and refresh you when you think of Christmas. Christmas is the most special time of the year for kids. As holiday spirit draws near, it's a great idea to plan a Christmas party for kids. You can make a school Christmas party special for them. Below are the ideas for organizing a wonderful Christmas party at school.

Ideas For School Christmas Party
  • Christmas decorations are both attractive and fun for kids. Place a small Christmas tree in the classroom. Let children help you in decorating the tree with wreaths, bells and other Christmas ornaments. You can make this activity more interesting, by sharing with them enchanting stories under the tree. Kids will enjoy it a lot!
  • Plan a craft. Christmas greetings are the best way to wish your loved ones Merry X-Mass. What can be more heartwarming for parents then receiving a cute Christmas card from their kid? Let kids indulge in the spirit of the season and make them design festive cards. In the end, it will be a delight to see little ones working on amazing designs and patterns ranging from Christmas trees, angels, gingerbread man to Santa Claus! So, let’s give wings to kids’ imagination!
  • A Christmas party is incomplete without cookies! As a part of Christmas activity, let children decorate their cookies with icing and candies. Don’t miss the smile, which will brighten their faces! All you will need for this is cookies, colored sprinkles, food coloring, candies, and cookie toppings.
  • It's time to get together and play games! Play games celebrating the spirit of the season. What can be more fun than ‘Stuff the Santa’, where teams will compete to create the fattest Santa or ‘Pin the Nose on Rudolph’, where blindfold kids try hard to stick Rudy’s red nose, where it correctly belongs. Sounds fun? Try it!
  • Christmas without Santa Claus is unthinkable! Plan a Santa visit to the class. It will be a delightful surprise to the kids. Celebrate the festive spirit of the season  by  singing ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Joy to the World’, ‘We wish you a merry Christmas, some of the most popular carols along with Santa .
  • Kids simply adore Gifts! It would be a great idea to let Santa distribute Christmas goodies among the kids. You can choose from a wide variety of goodies ranging from cookies, chocolates, plum cake, candy canes, to candies. The list is simply endless!